(Management Course) Sky Rocket Your Management Confidence


Management Course & 10 MMT DVDs

A two hour, high energy, motivational management course for managers, team leaders and supervisors who want to learn;

  • Why management confidence is vital – to you, your staff and your organisation
  • Why confident managers get results
  • The three building blocks to management confidence:

Self belief – how to build beliefs that empower you to manage with confidence and how to challenge the faulty thinking that undermines your confidence

Self mastery – how to control your emotional responses and reactions so you can manage with confidence, even in the most challenging situations

Tools and techniques – how to use step by step, easy to learn and easy to apply tools and techniques to manage and motivate your staff to high performance, and sky rocket your management confidence

Management course package includes:

  1. A two hour intensive, interactive, motivational management course delivered by Joan Henshaw the author and presenter of the 10 Minute Management Toolkit
  2. A copy for each delegate of the 3 DVD Series the 10 Minute Management Toolkit – value £260