ebook: The Managers Toolkit – 176 Behavioural Performance Objectives – And How to Use Them

ebook: The Managers Toolkit – 176 Behavioural Performance Objectives – And How to Use Them

The Managers Toolkit – 176 Behavioural Performance Objectives- And How to Use Them
I’m sure you’ve heard the Chinese proverb ‘Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for life’. Very sensible too. But sometimes, don’t we just need to be given the fish? What if we don’t have the time to learn how to fish, or the time to find a pond? What if we need the fish now, this minute?

I’ve been teaching managers how to define behavioural performance objectives and standards, and have worked with organisations helping them to define behavioural competencies, for many years. I’ve learnt that when it comes to defining behaviours, what looks like effective behaviour in say, ‘teamwork’ or ‘effective time management’ in one organisation, looks very much the same in another, irrespective of the size, culture, or industry. What this means is that there are managers all over the place spending time and effort defining behaviours and coming up with very similar results to the manager sitting in the office opposite. In short, there’s a lot of duplicated effort.

So here’s a solution. In this ‘toolkit’ are a whole range of behavioural performance objectives – generic descriptions of effective behaviours – for you to use

In total there are 176 descriptions. All based on best practice research, talking with managers (in industries as diverse as financial services, security services, manufacturing, B2B, public sector, publishing), and delivering training on these behaviours to hundreds of participants. The book also includes:

  • Working out which performance objectives to use
  • How to gain your staff’s commitment and involvement
  • How to monitor behavioural performance objectives

Clearly not all of the descriptions will be exactly right for your business, or your staff. You might even strongly disagree with some of my descriptions of effective behaviour. No problem. The idea of this toolkit is that you copy, edit, revise, correct and adapt the descriptions to fit your business, relate to your staff and meet your needs

And the purpose of behavioural performance objectives?

  • Research shows that ‘knowing what’s expected of them’ consistently ranks highly as a motivator in employee surveys. One of the biggest challenges for managers is defining their expectations of behaviours
  • Behaviours are crucial to the success of your business. How can your business be successful without your staff demonstrating effective team work, time management, client management and so on?
  • The ability to define behaviours is crucial to the success of managers. After all managers can’t manage what they can’t define

In short, this book is a gold mine of information. A quick and easy way to describe what you want from your staff so that you can get what you need from your staff

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