Customer Reviews

Feedback on the 10 Minute Management Toolkit DVDs

Dear Joan

I just wanted to thank you for inspiring me on “Performance Management”. I thoroughly enjoy your training style in the videos and the simplicity with which you are able to convey information (a rare skill). I am a fan!

I am excited to learn about different facets of Performance management other than the legal aspect. If you could recommend any other material from which you believe I could benefit (especially if you are the author) please would you let me know.

Vanessa Henry

Attorney at Law, SA

Excellent content, real depth with very specific examples. Wonderful presentation style. I am using the tools and techniques taught in the DVDs and getting some great results -particularly with the staff member who needs to improve their performance. I’d highly recommend the 10MMT to business owners and managers.


Miami, FL

On the 10 Minute Management Toolkit DVD ‘Motivating your staff to improve their performance with positive criticism’

Dear Joan

I wanted to share with you the excellent results (plus added bonus!) we’ve achieved from using your 10 Minute Management Toolkit video ‘Motivating your staff to improving their performance with positive criticism’

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E. Ostrynska

Acting Co-head teacher, Inner London School

Feedback on the e-book ‘The Managers Toolkit. 176 Behavioural Performance Objectives – and How to Use Them’

This is a great tool – easy to understand, easy to use and practical. We need to get better at describing what we are looking for from our employees – you can rummage around in this book and find a whole range of excellent descriptions written in clear action focused language. Highly recommended

Sean Kirk

HR & Training Manager, Totepool

Delegate feedback from our course ‘Improving People’s Performance’ designed for an international publishing client in April 2010

What would you say to a future participant of this course?

That it’s definitely worth attending, and if you can attend prior to any performance issue arising, you will be very well prepared for any difficult conversations.

Well worth going regardless of how serious you think your staff’s under performance issue is.

Excellent, and lots of useful tools and techniques.

I would recommend the course both to managers dealing with performance issues and to those who don’t have any current performance issues. I wish I’d done the course before I had an issue to deal with.

Excellent, intense course.

If you’re having any issues with performance in your team, take this course. I have already recommended it to a counterpart who is having problems.


International Publisher

Great day. Thank you. The session was tight and twaddle free (except for me). You obviously know your stuff. It was refreshing to have one core approach to an issue as the backbone to the day. So often we explore several different topics each with different ways, and it goes mushy in the mind immediately afterwards. This I could pin on the wall. Will certainly refer to it (and possibly even remember it) in future.


UK Sales Manager

A selection of testimonials from some of our clients

First rate – funny, charismatic, excellent.

Senior Editor

Publishing Business

The lessons learned will be extremely valuable.

Executive Director

Global Insurance Business

Absolutely fantastic …the ideas and methods will be of great help to me, there are so many different situations where they can be applied.


Professional Services Business

Joan has worked in partnership with the museum for more than 7 years and her work is integral to our staff development strategy. She has provided a range of interventions that have contributed to helping us both define and implement our strategic aims.

Head of Personnel

Leading Museum

Always professional, they have helped introduce performance management processes into the business and provide the skills training. Their work has always been sensitive to our market needs and has provided valuable input to achieving our business goals

UK Managing Director

Blue Chip Professional Services Business

I would recommend Joan as one of the most insightful people in the arena of performance management. She seems to be at the leading edge of this subject.

Managing Director

Consulting Firm

Having worked with Joan for a number of years she would always be our first choice for consulting or training in performance management

Head of L&D

Academic Publishing