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Management Courses: The Challenge of Cultural Differences

Here’s a question: can management courses developed in the UK (or any part of the Western World I guess) be useful in training managers who live and work and who are nationals of a country with very different cultural norms and values? Some time ago I was contacted by Laura, Country Director of an InternationalContinue Reading

A Sample Management Training Course (Using the 10MMT)

In my blog ‘Using videos in your in-house management courses‘ I talk about how to use videos as a series of short, focused management training workshops. I was recently asked by a client to provide an example of how this might work. No problem! Here’s a (very) simple design for a series of workshops usingContinue Reading

Manager Training: The Newly Promoted Manager

Manager Training: The Waiting Game I still meet managers, team leaders and supervisors who, having just been promoted, are left waiting (and waiting) for some manager training. It’s not really uncommon is it? And, believe me, I feel their pain! I remember well my first promotion to manager. Here’s how it went The story ofContinue Reading

Manager Training: Great Questions to Ask At The End of Your Training

We always want to gain some sort of commitment from attendees at manager training sessions to applying their learning into the workplace (including managers who ‘attend’ my online video management workshops). Sometimes we have limited time to explore how they are going to do this. Here are a number of questions you can use toContinue Reading

Training for management: For free!

Training for Management: Some free resources Are you looking for management training resources? Do you want training for management that’s flexible, cost effective, time effective and really works? And do you want some of that for free? You can access some great sessions from my 10 Minute Management Toolkit management training sessions – right here right now! Here’sContinue Reading

Management training courses: A blended learning solution

Management Training Courses: Have you thought of a blended learning solution? I’ve recently been asked by a HR Manager to design a different style of management training courses. She specifically wanted her managers to be trained in how to give constructive criticism. She wanted to use a video from my 10 Minute Management Toolkit series ‘Motivating Your Staff to ImproveContinue Reading

Training videos – Using videos in your in-house management courses

Training Videos – Why use them in your in-house managment courses? Short answer? Using a training video such as the 10 Minute Management Toolkit saves you time. As a learning or training professional I feel sure you could research, design and deliver any number of management training workshops – if you had time. And of courseContinue Reading

Training Videos – Using video in your management coaching

Why Use Training Videos in Your Management Coaching?  Using training videos in managment coaching? Why would you do that? OK, here’s a scenario. You’ve been asked by a manager to help them work out how to deal with a ‘difficult staff member’ – a staff member who’s been upsetting clients. You’re glad to help. In theContinue Reading

Why use training videos for self managed learning?

What’s the purpose of self managed learning? Training videos are tailore made for self managed learning. But what’s the purpose of self managed learning? It’s all about meeting the immediate training and development needs of, for example, managers, supervisors and team leaders. Needs that might be expressed as; I’ve just been promoted to team leader.Continue Reading