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Effective Presentation Techniques: An Introduction that Includes the Aim

So, you’ve been polishing up your presentation techniques by working on your delivery, knowing your audience, sorting out your structure, clarifying your objective, using stories and sorting out your PowerPoint. Phew. But no rest for us! What’s next? The sixth characteristic identified in my research on effective presentation techniques is having an introduction that includesContinue Reading

PowerPoint Tips: The Problem of the 90 Word Slide

  Some weeks ago I ran a ‘presentation techniques’ workshop for some very experienced presenters. I was pretty surprised to be asked to include a session on PowerPoint. ‘Really?’ I said ‘won’t they all know that stuff?’ ‘No’ said the client ‘we’ve really got a problem with it’. ‘Send me an example’ I said. SheContinue Reading

Effective Presentation Techniques: The Use of Stories

OK, a quick recap. In this mini-series of blogs about effective presentation techniques we’ve looked at: what the research says, skilful delivery, knowing your audience, having a clear and effective structure and having a defined objective Now onto to the fifth characteristic of effective business presentations; the use of stories. Let’s start with a definitionContinue Reading

Effective Presentation Techniques: A Defined Objective

The fourth characteristic found in my research on effective presentation techniques is having a defined objective, goal or aim for the presentation. It’s all about being crystal clear about what is you want to achieve; being able to answer the question ‘what’s the end point of this presentation?’ The principle of objective setting links backContinue Reading

Effective Presentation Techniques: A Clear and Effective Structure

So far in this short series of blogs about effective presentation techniques we’ve looked at; what the research says, skilful delivery and knowledge of the audience. The third characteristic my research has identified is a clear and effective structure. Why? Structure is seen as critical for a number of reasons: Presentation Techniques: The Map FirstlyContinue Reading

Effective Presentation Techniques: Know Your Audience

My research into effective presentation techniques demonstrates that, along with skilful delivery, an essential characteristic of a great presentation is knowing your audience. No great surprise there then, for these reasons: Presentation Technique 1: Adding Value In a business environment where to waste someone’s time is seen as a flogging offense, a business presentation hasContinue Reading

Effective Presentation Techniques: Skilful Delivery

Along with ‘knowledge of the audience’ a presenter skilled at using delivery techniques is recognised as one of the two most important characteristics based on my research of effective business presentations (you can read about the research here) The simple principle (and anyone who’s attended a presentation they loved, and one they truly didn’t, willContinue Reading

Effective Presentation Techniques: What Do The Experts Say?

What makes a business presentation effective? What differentiates a business presentation that gets results from one that results in a huge snore (or worse)? What are the tools and techniques the experts use? As part of a MA dissertation I’ve researched the characteristics of effective business presentations – what differentiates the very best presenter, andContinue Reading