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Performance Improvement: ‘What Get’s Measured Gets Improved’

In an article ‘How Sheba Has Improved Its Internal Performance Over 50% Using A Simple System’ the authors describe how the online service marketplace start-up Sheba has dramatically improved its internal team productivity. They go on to outline some of the lessons learnt from Sheba’s experience. Here I’m going to focus on one of thoseContinue Reading

Performance Reviews: Why Are Employees Still Unhappy?

In an article by Ben Wigert and Annamarie Mann ‘Give Performance Reviews that Actually Inspire Employees’ they quote the following statistics from Gallup: A mere 14% of employees strongly agree that the performance reviews they receive inspire them to improve, and only two in 10 employees strongly agree that their performance is managed in aContinue Reading

How to Get Supervisors to Give Performance Feedback

I just got this message about performance feedback from someone who has been reading my blogs: Joan Thanks for your tips. I don’t disagree with your comments. However, getting supervisors to provide and record regular coaching/feedback to their subordinates is easier said than done. Do you know of any software/techniques that allow supervisors to quicklyContinue Reading

Managing People: It’s Not About You (Mostly!)

One of the biggest challenges I had when I began my career managing people was controlling my ego. I really struggled with getting to grips with the idea that the whole management role wasn’t all about me; my skills, my attitude, my performance and, most importantly, what my employees thought about me I particularly hadContinue Reading

Employee Engagement: How to Encourage Innovation

Employee Engagement and Innovation In an excellent report on employee engagement by Engage for Success called ‘Employee Engagement – The Evidence’ they talk about the connection between employee engagement and innovation. They say Organisations are likely to increase engagement levels and workforce commitment when they actively encourage employees to innovate, improve methods, research solutions andContinue Reading

Is Your Performance Feedback More ‘Candied’ than Candid?

Is the performance feedback given in your business more ’candied’ than ‘candid?’ Some years ago I came to the end of, what I had thought, was a pretty good performance feedback session with one of my staff. I asked the staff member what he had thought of the session. He said It was OK, butContinue Reading

Improving Employee Performance Feedback

  In an excellent piece of research by Leadership IQ ‘Employees Are Desperate for Feedback’ they highlight a significant issue about the quality of performance feedback that employees are getting. They say • 53% of employees who said their boss gave them praise for excellent performance said the feedback did not give them enough usefulContinue Reading

Management Style: Are You Wandering Around Enough?

Are you, or the managers in your business, using the MBWA management style enough? Have you any idea what I mean? MBWA (Management By Wandering Around or, in some versions, Management By Walking About) is a management style that’s been around for decades It was first developed as a way of encouraging managers to getContinue Reading

Management Style: Are you using the ‘Pendulum’ approach?

Which management style are you using today? Which did you use yesterday? Not sure? OK how about trying these questions 1. Have you undertaken any people management activities today – or yesterday? 2. Have you found yourself frustrated today – or yesterday – by your staff, and have you shown that frustration by either shoutingContinue Reading

9 Essential Performance Management Techniques

There are many performance management techniques you can use to manage your staff. But which are the best? Here are the 9 techniques that – in terms of improving staff performance and satisfaction – I think are absolutely essential: Performance Management Technique #1. Get crystal clear on what you want from your staff It’s vitalContinue Reading