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How (not) to Give Criticism at Work

In yet another excellent research paper by Leadership IQ ‘Fewer Than Half Of Employees Know If They’re Doing A Good Job’ the authors talk about the challenge of how to give constructive feedback. They say: ‘Around nine out of ten managers have avoided giving constructive feedback to their employees for fear of the employees reactingContinue Reading

How to Give Positive Feedback

In an excellent article ‘Use These Two Confidence Boosters To Improve Employee Performance’ Mark Murphy talks about two ways leaders can improve employee confidence – setting goals and giving positive feedback Now, I could bore for England on the topic of setting goals / objectives (and frequently do – here’s the proof) so let’s focusContinue Reading

How to Get Supervisors to Give Performance Feedback

I just got this message about performance feedback from someone who has been reading my blogs: Joan Thanks for your tips. I don’t disagree with your comments. However, getting supervisors to provide and record regular coaching/feedback to their subordinates is easier said than done. Do you know of any software/techniques that allow supervisors to quicklyContinue Reading

Performance Feedback: Examples of How to Give Criticism

In my blog ‘Improving Employee Performance Feedback’ I talked about a very neat technique for giving negative performance feedback (criticism) called ARC. Before I go on to give you some examples of how to give criticism, here’s a quick review of the model: Performance Feedback: Giving Criticism using ARC Action: what, specifically the employee isContinue Reading

Performance Review and Appraisal: Why Do Employees Want So Much Praise?

Do the employees in your business want more praise? Do they complain they don’t get enough praise in their performance review or appraisals? Why do some employees want so much praise? I’ve just returned from presenting to a conference of Health Practitioners on performance appraisal and giving feedback to improve employee performance. One of theContinue Reading

Performance Review and Appraisal: How to Share (not Give) Performance Feedback

Many managers ask how they can make their performance review or appraisal meetings ‘more collaborative’ or ‘more of a two way conversation’. One of the most effective ways, in my view, is to ‘share’ rather than ‘give’ performance feedback OK, but what does ‘share’ actually mean here? It means that we approach the performance feedbackContinue Reading

Is Your Performance Feedback More ‘Candied’ than Candid?

Is the performance feedback given in your business more ’candied’ than ‘candid?’ Some years ago I came to the end of, what I had thought, was a pretty good performance feedback session with one of my staff. I asked the staff member what he had thought of the session. He said It was OK, butContinue Reading

Improving Employee Performance Feedback

  In an excellent piece of research by Leadership IQ ‘Employees Are Desperate for Feedback’ they highlight a significant issue about the quality of performance feedback that employees are getting. They say • 53% of employees who said their boss gave them praise for excellent performance said the feedback did not give them enough usefulContinue Reading

Another 3 Tips for Giving Performance Feedback

Are you thinking of giving your employee some performance feedback? Could you use some tips on how to do that effectively? In my blog ‘5 Tips for Giving Performance Feedback’ I talked about; getting clear on what you are giving feedback on, focusing on the facts, avoiding personality traits, using results and consequences and avoidingContinue Reading

5 Tips for Giving Performance Feedback

Giving performance feedback is one of the most effective ways to improve employee job satisfaction and employee performance. Yet employees often report that they don’t receive enough feedback from their managers. Here are my 5 quick tips for giving performance feedback (with plenty of additional resources should you want to read more) Performance Feedback TipContinue Reading