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Performance Reviews: Why Are Employees Still Unhappy?

In an article by Ben Wigert and Annamarie Mann ‘Give Performance Reviews that Actually Inspire Employees’ they quote the following statistics from Gallup: A mere 14% of employees strongly agree that the performance reviews they receive inspire them to improve, and only two in 10 employees strongly agree that their performance is managed in aContinue Reading

Reviewing The Performance Appraisal System

Are you thinking of reviewing your performance appraisal system? I have recently been contacted by a medium sized professional services business who wants some help in reviewing their performance appraisal system. They currently have a paper based system – and want to keep this – used by around 32 managers (including the Senior Management Team)Continue Reading

What Not to Write on Your Own Performance Appraisal Form

Having read my blog  ”Writing Performance Appraisal Forms” Learning and Development Manager contacted me recently to ask if I would review her self – appraisal form. She had been asked by her manager to fill in the performance appraisal form in preparation for the meeting and wanted my opinion on what she had written. NoContinue Reading

Performance Appraisal: Why Do Employees Want So Much Praise?

Do the employees in your business want more praise? Do they complain they don’t get enough praise in their performance appraisals? Why do some employees want so much praise? I’ve just returned from presenting to a conference of Health Practitioners on performance appraisal and giving feedback to improve employee performance. One of the delegates askedContinue Reading

Performance Appraisal: How to Share (not Give) Performance Feedback

Many managers ask how they can make their performance appraisal meetings ‘more collaborative’ or ‘more of a two way conversation’. One of the most effective ways, in my view, is to ‘share’ rather than ‘give’ performance feedback OK, but what does ‘share’ actually mean here? It means that we approach the performance feedback part ofContinue Reading

Performance Appraisal: Discussing Development Needs

One of the most motivational parts of the performance appraisal meeting is the discussion we have with our employees about their development and career progression needs. But here’s something interesting. According to recent CIPD research, although: • 75% of managers say they always / sometimes discuss employee development and career progression during one to onesContinue Reading

Management Skills: What (more) do our staff members want?

  One of the most valuable management skills we can have is the aptitude for understanding what our staff want and need in their working lives. In my blog ‘Management Skills: What do our staff members want?’ I looked at how the management skills of clarity, honest feedback and respect can have a hugely positiveContinue Reading

Performance Appraisal Meetings: What’s the Point?

  The Purpose of the Performance Appraisal Meeting Performance appraisal. Most managers have to do it. Most employees have to go through it. But what, exactly, is the point of the performance appraisal meeting? What’s its purpose? In my view, the purpose of performance appraisal is improvement. It’s about: • Improving the job performance ofContinue Reading

Performance Appraisal: How to Give Feedback on Performance

Probably the most challenging part of the performance appraisal meeting is giving feedback to our employees on their performance. But, of course, feedback we must give – if we want the performance appraisal meeting to be motivational for our employee and to result in improved performance So how can we give motivational performance feedback inContinue Reading

Performance Appraisal: The Meeting Agenda

  One of the easiest ways of making a performance appraisal meeting suck is to get bogged down in the paperwork and to lose sight of the purpose of the appraisal meeting – to review and improve the employee’s performance and job satisfaction One simple way to overcome this (and to make sure that ourContinue Reading