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Performance Review and Appraisal: The Meeting Agenda

  One of the easiest ways of making a performance review or appraisal meeting suck is to get bogged down in the paperwork and to lose sight of the purpose of the meeting – to review and improve the employee’s performance and job satisfaction One simple way to overcome this (and to make sure thatContinue Reading

Performance Review and Appraisal: 10 Minute Management Techniques

So many managers I meet want to improve their performance review or appraisal meetings. But so many of those managers are short of time. So,what can managers can do – in just 10 minutes – that can make a real difference to their effectiveness in preparing for and undertaking a performance review or appraisal meeting? Here are threeContinue Reading

How to Write Appraisal Form Comments: 4 Quick Tips

  What we write on the performance appraisal form really matters to our employees. How to write appraisal form comments that clearly and accurately reflects the appraisal meeting discussion and satisfy our employees is not exactly the easiest job is it? Here are 4 quick tips on how to write appraisal form comments that youContinue Reading

Performance Review: Helping Staff Members Prepare for the Meeting

The Performance Review Meeting Do the managers in your business complain that their staff members don’t contribute enough to performance review meetings? Do they find the meetings revolve around them (the manager) doing most of the talking? Much as they try to involve their staff there’s often a real difficulty for managers in making theContinue Reading

Performance Appraisals : How to prepare for your appraisal or performance review meeting

Performance Appraisals – Is it that time of year again? Is it time for your performance appraisal or review meetings? Looking forward to it? Dreading it? Most importantly – are you ready? I know, I know – nobody, but nobody, looks forward to the performance appraisal meeting but here’s my thinking; the better prepared youContinue Reading

Performance Review and Appraisal: 9 Quick Tips for a Motivational Meeting

Holding a performance review or appraisal meeting does not, for many managers, come top of their most favourite activities. Most often they are concerned that the employee will not find the meeting motivational. Here are 9 quick tips for making the meeting motivational (with plenty of additional resources should you want to read more) PerformanceContinue Reading

Performance Review and Appraisal Tips: Reviewing and Closing the Meeting

  So, you are coming to the end of the performance review or appraisal meeting. Things have gone well. How do you now review and close the meeting in a way that leaves the employee feeling satisfied and motivated? In my blog ‘Performance Appraisal: 3 Steps to a Motivational Meeting’ I talk about ways toContinue Reading

Performance Review and Appraisal Meeting Preparation – The Practical

  There is always a ‘practical’ element to preparing for a performance review or appraisal meeting, and it’s surprising how easy it is to make a mess of this part of the prep. For example have you ever had meeting in a crowded, noisy bar? (I have!) Or have you ever been told that yourContinue Reading

Using Performance Objectives to say ‘I don’t think you’re ready yet’

How to Use Performance Objectives to say ‘I don’t think you’re ready for promotion yet’ So, you have come to that part of the performance appraisal meeting where you talk about the employee’s career aspirations. He wants to talk about promotion to the next level. You don’t think he is ready. How can you tellContinue Reading

Performance Appraisal – What do I write on the form?

Writing Performance Appraisal Forms Do you hate writing performance appraisal forms? Are you often stuck for something to say? Do you find yourself writing the same (sometime pretty meaningless ) comments again and again? You’re not alone! Of all the (many) things that annoy, frustrates and irritates the managers I work with about performance appraisalContinue Reading