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Performance Improvement: ‘What Get’s Measured Gets Improved’

In an article ‘How Sheba Has Improved Its Internal Performance Over 50% Using A Simple System’ the authors describe how the online service marketplace start-up Sheba has dramatically improved its internal team productivity. They go on to outline some of the lessons learnt from Sheba’s experience. Here I’m going to focus on one of thoseContinue Reading

Management Skills: How to Monitor Employee Performance

Could you use some help in learning how to monitor employee performance? You will know that research tells us that clear objectives with effective measures can improve employee performance by over 30%. You probably also know that monitoring employee performance is the most effective way to measure that performance. But do you have the toolsContinue Reading

Monitoring employee performance: ‘What you measure is what you get’

Are you monitoring your employee’s performance so that you can measure your employee’s performance? Do you see why monitoring and measuring employee performance is such an effective management tool? The originators of the ‘Balanced Scorecard’ Robert Kaplan and David Norton once famously said ‘What you measure is what you get’ I would say that theContinue Reading

Monitoring Performance: How to put together a Monitoring Plan

Are the managers in your organisation confident in monitoring performance? Do they know how to ensure that they can measure their staff’s performance (because we know that performance objectives ‘with effective measures’ really improve results)? In my blog post ‘How to Monitor Staff Performance Against Performance Objectives’ I outlined how managers could identify the mostContinue Reading

How to Monitor Staff Performance against Performance Objectives

Research tells us that clear objectives ‘with effective measures’ can improve staff performance by over 30%. It’s difficult for managers to have ‘effective measures’ in place unless they monitor staff performance against the objectives So how can managers monitor staff performance? Here are some ideas The start point for managers is to identify a rangeContinue Reading

Monitoring Performance: What’s the Point?

The Point of Monitoring Performance against Objectives Imagine this: It’s your performance appraisal meeting. As you enter the room you find your manager frantically scrabbling in her drawer trying to find copies of the performance objectives you last agreed – 12 months ago. She finds the objectives, blows off the dust and you both stareContinue Reading

Monitoring Performance – ‘On the Hoof’

  In my blog ‘Monitoring Performance: How to Put Together A Monitoring Plan’ I propose (not surprisingly given the title) that a planned and structured approach to monitoring performance of our employees is important and effective. Sometimes, though, when I share this approach with managers, I hear this question:   What’s the point of planning to monitorContinue Reading

Monitoring Performance: A Quick Way to Involve your Employee in Monitoring

How to involve your employee in monitoring performance In my blog  Do Your Employees Really Understand Their Performance Objectives?  I talked about how to use the question; ‘How are you going to achieve the performance objective we’ve just agreed?’ When your employee has described how they are going to achieve the objective, a great followContinue Reading