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What can The Staple Singers teach us about management?

‘If you don’t respect yourself ain’t nobody gonna give a good cahoot’ is one of my all-time favourite song lyrics (from The Staple Singers brilliant ‘respect yourself’) but it only occurred to me recently how relevant it is to management. Say what? Yep, I know it sounds random but (to badly paraphrase) if you don’tContinue Reading

Management Tips: 5 Quick Tips for Improving Employee Job Satisfaction

We all want to help our employee’s improve their job satisfaction, don’t we? Not only is it much more of a pleasure to manage happy employees, but improved job satisfaction most often results in improved job performance. So, here are my 5 quick tips for improving employee job satisfaction (with links to additional resources, shouldContinue Reading

Management Tips: 7 Ways to Make the Best Use of Performance Objectives

Performance objectives are an amazingly effective management technique for improving employee performance, job satisfaction and much, much more. Here are 7 quick tips on how to make the best use of performance objectives (with plenty of additional resources should you want to read more)   Management Tip #1. Use Performance Objectives to Improve Employee PerformanceContinue Reading

Performance Review and Appraisal Tips: Reviewing and Closing the Meeting

  So, you are coming to the end of the performance review or appraisal meeting. Things have gone well. How do you now review and close the meeting in a way that leaves the employee feeling satisfied and motivated? In my blog ‘Performance Appraisal: 3 Steps to a Motivational Meeting’ I talk about ways toContinue Reading

Performance Review and Appraisal Meeting Preparation – The Practical

  There is always a ‘practical’ element to preparing for a performance review or appraisal meeting, and it’s surprising how easy it is to make a mess of this part of the prep. For example have you ever had meeting in a crowded, noisy bar? (I have!) Or have you ever been told that yourContinue Reading