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Management Skills: What do our staff members really want?

  I guess it’s obvious that one of the key management skills is having the ability to understand what our staff want and (when possible!) then giving them what they want. Why? Well simply because when the staff in our business or organisation get what they want and need (what satisfies them) then they areContinue Reading

Management Skills: Not Knowing the Answer

Management skills: Do you feel the need to know all the answers? When I’m helping managers, team leaders and business owners develop their people management skills I often come across some reluctance to take action to practice those management skills – to actually take action to manage their employee’s performance.  Often this reluctance is aboutContinue Reading

Management Skills: Three Ways to Build Empathy

One of the key management skills: Empathy? Many years ago I worked in an organisation that was very task focused (to say the least). Whenever we tried to introduce some training or new processes that weren’t task related (e.g. interpersonal skills or management skills training, communication strategies) they would be dismissed by the majority ofContinue Reading

People Management Skills: The Power of Clarity

I’ve written before about clarity (for example in ‘The Secret to Effective Performance Management’). Without simply repeating myself, here are the key management skills related to gaining the level of clarity that improves both employee satisfaction and employee performance (because that’s exactly what clarity achieves and why it’s important). I’ve also given some questions youContinue Reading

People Management Skills: Developing Positive Beliefs

People Management Skills: The Impact of Beliefs One of the most important and useful management skills is having a clear understanding of the impact of our beliefs about people management and an ability to develop positive beliefs. Why? Because what we believe about people management (and what we assume our employees believe) has a hugeContinue Reading

People Management Skills: Are You Seeking Enough Agreement?

People Management Skills: The Importance of Agreement I guess very few managers these days want to impose their views on their employees (although there will always be exceptions!). The good news is you don’t have to – if you have the management skills you need to gain agreement from your staff. But agreement about what?Continue Reading

Management Skills: Learning from Management Blogs

There are so many great management blogs out there full of  techniques, tips and insights. That’s good news isn’t it? All that free information, knowledge and good management practice at your fingertips. Now let me ask you a question. Do you actually learn from what you read from those management blogs ? And do youContinue Reading

Management Skills: 5 Things You Should Never Say to Your Employees

There’s plenty advice out there about how to talk to your employees – about what you should say (I’ve written plenty myself!). In this article I’m going to cover an area not quite so popular – but equally important in terms of management skills – what not to say. Here are five things I’ve heardContinue Reading

Management Skills: The Price of Too Much Enthusiasm

In my blog ‘The Newly Promoted Manager‘ I talked about my experience of being a newly promoted manager. The three things I lacked then was; tools and techniques, management skills, and experience   What I certainly didn’t lack was enthusiasm. In fact I was described by one of my employees as ‘Tigger on acid’ (TransContinue Reading

Management Skills: How to use SWOT Questions

In my blog ‘Are You Asking Your Employees Enough Questions?’ I talk about how using questions in order to demonstrate to your employees how much you value them and their opinion. In this blog I’m looking at using questions for a more practical reason – to evaluate processes and drive improvement using, as a framework, SWOTContinue Reading