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Managing Up: Two Tips for How to Communicate with Your Manager

In an article for Forbes ‘How to better communicate with your manager’ Shelcy V Joseph refers to research by which shows that ·         63% of people surveyed feel their teams can better communicate needs and goals ·         28% of people reported not really knowing how they spend their time at work ·         37% feelContinue Reading

Values and People Management: A Quick Test

What are your values around people management? For example, do you value clarity about expectations (for the manager and the staff member)? Do you value open and honest feedback, objective and fair assessment and evaluation, a focus on job satisfaction as well as job performance? Do you value ‘face time’ between manager and the staffContinue Reading

Empathy and Employees: Why You Should Maintain a Healthy Distance

  (Contribution from Freelance Writer Jackie Edwards) As managers of small-to-medium sized businesses, we may have plenty of experience in our chosen industries but that doesn’t necessarily mean that we have experience in staff management. Indeed, managing a team of staff is not something we should expect to simply be able to do. It isContinue Reading

Scientific Management (what an old model can still teach us today)

What do you think is the objective of management? What do the managers in your business think? What does management contribute to your business or organisation and to your employees? Take a look at this quote: The principal object of management should be to secure the maximum prosperity for the employer, coupled with the maximumContinue Reading