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Managing Up: Two Tips for How to Communicate with Your Manager

In an article for Forbes ‘How to better communicate with your manager’ Shelcy V Joseph refers to research by which shows that ·         63% of people surveyed feel their teams can better communicate needs and goals ·         28% of people reported not really knowing how they spend their time at work ·         37% feelContinue Reading

Shining Through The Competition: Perfecting Your Managerial Resume

In this guest blog from freelance writer Jackie Edwards she looks at how to make your resume (CV) stand out from the crowd… The importance of a tight, informative and relevant resume cannot be stressed enough. In fact, 92% of shortlisting decisions are based entirely on the contents of your resume according to The CV &Continue Reading

9 Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Employees

Gosh is it that time of year again already? Jolly heck we’d better get on and sort out the Christmas gifts for our staff! Drawing a blank in the seasonal inspiration department? Panic not – here are my 9 top gift ideas. You’re welcome Chocolate Oh come on, what’s not to like about your managerContinue Reading