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How to Delegate – Getting Started (Steps Two and Three)

In my blog ‘How to Delegate – Getting Started (Step One)’ we looked at a process for identifying which tasks you could delegate. Now let’s move on to looking at steps two and three HOW TO DELEGATE STEP TWO – IDENTIFY THE EMPLOYEE The second step of how to delegate is to identify the employeeContinue Reading

How to Delegate – Getting Started (Step One)

Do you want to delegate but you’re not sure how to get started? In my blog ‘What is Delegation?’ I explained that some managers don’t delegate because they don’t see the value. Some managers tell me they do see the value but they don’t delegate tasks as often as they’d like because they just don’tContinue Reading

How to Delegate: What Do I Tell The Boss?

I had a great question sent to me recently by someone who had bought my kindle book ‘Learn in Just 10 Minutes How to Delegate. A Step-by-Step Guide to Effective Delegation’ (you can see the book details HERE). She asked… A really good question on delegation ‘Hi. In your book on delegation one of theContinue Reading

How Do You Know If You Are Ready to Delegate?

Delegation is a key management skill but, like every skill, working out how to delegate effectively (and then doing it!) takes some time and effort. So, how do you know that you are ready to delegate – and ready to put in some of the time and effort required? There are a number of cluesContinue Reading

How to Delegate: Is Everybody Clear?

  One of the most interesting things about learning how to delegate (and why, so often, delegation doesn’t work as well as it should) is that managers forget to tell everyone who is affected what has happened.   When you have gone through the process of delegation (see some tips in my blog ’10 QuickContinue Reading

Management Skills: The Art of Delegation

Delegation: What’s stopping you? Would you agree with me that one of the key management skills is learning how to delegate? I’ve written a lot about delegation including; how to get started and how to have the delegation discussion. In this blog I’m going to focus on a sub-set of those management skills: how to overcome yourContinue Reading

Management Tips: 10 Quick Tips for How to Delegate

Delegation is a key tool in the effective management of people, time and resources.  Here are my 10 quick tips for how to delegate (with links to more resources should you need them!) How to delegate tip #1. Get Clear on Why Delegation is Important – to You As you’re reading this article I’m guessingContinue Reading

How to Delegate – The Delegation Discussion

So you’ve decided to delegate. You’ve identified; which task(s) to delegate, the most suitable employee to delegate to, and how to work out how much of the task to delegate   The next step in learning how to delegate is about how you talk to the employee about the delegation. Here’s where we need someContinue Reading

What is Delegation?

What is delegation? I’m sure you’ve heard the word ‘delegation’ bandied around the workplace. But have you ever asked (or thought to yourself) ‘what is delegation‘? and ‘why does it matter?’ Here’s a short answer What is delegation? The short answer! Delegation (in a people management context) happens when you give one of your staffContinue Reading