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Job Satisfaction and the $1 Trillion Problem

According to an article by Gallup ‘This Fixable Problem Costs US Business $1 Trillion’ U.S. businesses are losing ship-loads of money every year due to voluntary turnover. And, they say, ‘most astounding part is that most of this damage is self-inflicted’ The go on to say that over half of exiting employees (51%) say thatContinue Reading

Employee Satisfaction: How to talk about employee job satisfaction – without the fear!

Employee Job Satisfaction – The Conversation Challenge! Having a conversation with our employees about how to maintain or improve their job satisfaction is one of the most effective ways of achieving higher levels of employee motivation and performance. Some business owners and managers though are afraid to hold these conversations in case they result inContinue Reading

Improving Employee Job Satisfaction Using Just One (Golden) Question

Business owners and managers often ask me what the easiest way is to improve employee job satisfaction. Research tells us that the relationship your employee has with you, their manager, has a profound effect on their satisfaction at work. Experience would tell most of us that how we feel about our manager, and the wayContinue Reading

Four Ways to Delight Your Employees

Employee Satisfaction: 4 Ways to Delight Your Employees Most of the business owners and managers I work with genuinely want their employees to be happy at work, to have a high level of satisfaction. Why wouldn’t they? (For one thing, happy employees are always far more productive than unhappy employees!). What many business owners andContinue Reading

Four Steps To Improving Employee Job Satisfaction

We know from research that showing a high level of interest and concern for our employee results in higher levels of motivation and performance. One of the most powerful ways to do this is to have a conversation specifically about how to maintain or improve the employee’s current level of job satisfaction. After all, whoContinue Reading