How to Give Positive Feedback

In an excellent article ‘Use These Two Confidence Boosters To Improve Employee Performance’ Mark Murphy talks about two ways leaders can improve employee confidence – setting goals and giving positive feedback Now, I could bore for England on the topic of setting goals / objectives (and frequently do – here’s the proof) so let’s focusContinue Reading

Values and People Management: A Quick Test

What are your values around people management? For example, do you value clarity about expectations (for the manager and the staff member)? Do you value open and honest feedback, objective and fair assessment and evaluation, a focus on job satisfaction as well as job performance? Do you value ‘face time’ between manager and the staffContinue Reading

Shining Through The Competition: Perfecting Your Managerial Resume

In this guest blog from freelance writer Jackie Edwards she looks at how to make your resume (CV) stand out from the crowd… The importance of a tight, informative and relevant resume cannot be stressed enough. In fact, 92% of shortlisting decisions are based entirely on the contents of your resume according to The CV &Continue Reading

Effective Presentation Techniques: An Introduction that Includes the Aim

So, you’ve been polishing up your presentation techniques by working on your delivery, knowing your audience, sorting out your structure, clarifying your objective, using stories and sorting out your PowerPoint. Phew. But no rest for us! What’s next? The sixth characteristic identified in my research on effective presentation techniques is having an introduction that includesContinue Reading

PowerPoint Tips: The Problem of the 90 Word Slide

  Some weeks ago I ran a ‘presentation techniques’ workshop for some very experienced presenters. I was pretty surprised to be asked to include a session on PowerPoint. ‘Really?’ I said ‘won’t they all know that stuff?’ ‘No’ said the client ‘we’ve really got a problem with it’. ‘Send me an example’ I said. SheContinue Reading

Empathy and Employees: Why You Should Maintain a Healthy Distance

  (Contribution from Freelance Writer Jackie Edwards) As managers of small-to-medium sized businesses, we may have plenty of experience in our chosen industries but that doesn’t necessarily mean that we have experience in staff management. Indeed, managing a team of staff is not something we should expect to simply be able to do. It isContinue Reading

6 Things Successful People Do Differently When Managing Stress

(Contribution from freelance writer Jackie Edwards at ManagerSkills) “Leadership is a lot about listening to yourself. Be brave with your decision even if it goes against the grain.” – Kit Crawford, Co-Owner of Clif Bar & Company. Some people thrive on stress. They work better when faced with challenges and deadlines whereas others lack motivation whenContinue Reading

9 Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Employees

Gosh is it that time of year again already? Jolly heck we’d better get on and sort out the Christmas gifts for our staff! Drawing a blank in the seasonal inspiration department? Panic not – here are my 9 top gift ideas. You’re welcome Chocolate Oh come on, what’s not to like about your managerContinue Reading

Effective Presentation Techniques: The Use of Stories

OK, a quick recap. In this mini-series of blogs about effective presentation techniques we’ve looked at: what the research says, skilful delivery, knowing your audience, having a clear and effective structure and having a defined objective Now onto to the fifth characteristic of effective business presentations; the use of stories. Let’s start with a definitionContinue Reading

How to Delegate: What Do I Tell The Boss?

I had a great question sent to me recently by someone who had bought my kindle book ‘Learn in Just 10 Minutes How to Delegate. A Step-by-Step Guide to Effective Delegation’ (you can see the book details HERE). She asked… A really good question on delegation ‘Hi. In your book on delegation one of theContinue Reading