How (not) to Give Criticism at Work

In yet another excellent research paper by Leadership IQ ‘Fewer Than Half Of Employees Know If They’re Doing A Good Job’ the authors talk about the challenge of how to give constructive feedback. They say: ‘Around nine out of ten managers have avoided giving constructive feedback to their employees for fear of the employees reactingContinue Reading

Performance Improvement: ‘What Get’s Measured Gets Improved’

In an article ‘How Sheba Has Improved Its Internal Performance Over 50% Using A Simple System’ the authors describe how the online service marketplace start-up Sheba has dramatically improved its internal team productivity. They go on to outline some of the lessons learnt from Sheba’s experience. Here I’m going to focus on one of thoseContinue Reading

Managing Up: Two Tips for How to Communicate with Your Manager

In an article for Forbes ‘How to better communicate with your manager’ Shelcy V Joseph refers to research by which shows that ·         63% of people surveyed feel their teams can better communicate needs and goals ·         28% of people reported not really knowing how they spend their time at work ·         37% feelContinue Reading

Performance Reviews: Why Are Employees Still Unhappy?

In an article by Ben Wigert and Annamarie Mann ‘Give Performance Reviews that Actually Inspire Employees’ they quote the following statistics from Gallup: A mere 14% of employees strongly agree that the performance reviews they receive inspire them to improve, and only two in 10 employees strongly agree that their performance is managed in aContinue Reading

Management Skills: Agile Culture and Agile Behaviour

In a neat article by Jim Harter for Gallup ‘Why managers are Central to an Agile Culture’ he says: Only half of employees globally clearly know what’s expected of them at work — it’s hard to respond quickly and nimbly when you’re not sure what your responsibilities are. Interesting isn’t it? Depressing too? Or atContinue Reading

How to Give Positive Feedback

In an excellent article ‘Use These Two Confidence Boosters To Improve Employee Performance’ Mark Murphy talks about two ways leaders can improve employee confidence – setting goals and giving positive feedback Now, I could bore for England on the topic of setting goals / objectives (and frequently do – here’s the proof) so let’s focusContinue Reading

Values and People Management: A Quick Test

What are your values around people management? For example, do you value clarity about expectations (for the manager and the staff member)? Do you value open and honest feedback, objective and fair assessment and evaluation, a focus on job satisfaction as well as job performance? Do you value ‘face time’ between manager and the staffContinue Reading

Shining Through The Competition: Perfecting Your Managerial Resume

In this guest blog from freelance writer Jackie Edwards she looks at how to make your resume (CV) stand out from the crowd… The importance of a tight, informative and relevant resume cannot be stressed enough. In fact, 92% of shortlisting decisions are based entirely on the contents of your resume according to The CV &Continue Reading

Effective Presentation Techniques: An Introduction that Includes the Aim

So, you’ve been polishing up your presentation techniques by working on your delivery, knowing your audience, sorting out your structure, clarifying your objective, using stories and sorting out your PowerPoint. Phew. But no rest for us! What’s next? The sixth characteristic identified in my research on effective presentation techniques is having an introduction that includesContinue Reading

PowerPoint Tips: The Problem of the 90 Word Slide

  Some weeks ago I ran a ‘presentation techniques’ workshop for some very experienced presenters. I was pretty surprised to be asked to include a session on PowerPoint. ‘Really?’ I said ‘won’t they all know that stuff?’ ‘No’ said the client ‘we’ve really got a problem with it’. ‘Send me an example’ I said. SheContinue Reading