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How to Get Supervisors to Give Performance Feedback

I just got this message about performance feedback from someone who has been reading my blogs: Joan Thanks for your tips. I don’t disagree with your comments. However, getting supervisors to provide and record regular coaching/feedback to their subordinates is easier said than done. Do you know of any software/techniques that allow supervisors to quicklyContinue Reading

How to Identify Performance Objectives

  I just got this message from someone who has been reading my blogs: Hi Joan I’ve been reading your blogs …thanks they are a big help. I’m not good at coming up with objectives have you got any tips? Best wishes, J. It’s a good question! Here’s my reply Coming up with performance objectivesContinue Reading

A Question about Performance Objectives and Job Descriptions

Just recently an office manager contacted me with a question around how to use Job Descriptions as the basis for writing performance objectives. Here’s the question and (of course!) my answer The question about Performance Objectives Hi Joan I am struggling with a problem. I am attaching copies of the Job descriptions to see ifContinue Reading

Reviewing The Performance Appraisal System

Are you thinking of reviewing your performance appraisal system? I have recently been contacted by a medium sized professional services business who wants some help in reviewing their performance appraisal system. They currently have a paper based system – and want to keep this – used by around 32 managers (including the Senior Management Team)Continue Reading

Management Skills: What Are You Doing Right?

I think it’s fair to say that I spend a significant amount of time talking about what I think managers should do more of or differently when it comes to management skills (for example ‘Helping your stars to sparkle’ or ‘How to share performance feedback’’) But what about what you, as managers, are already doingContinue Reading

How Do You Know If You Are Ready to Delegate?

Delegation is a key management skill but, like every skill, working out how to delegate effectively (and then doing it!) takes some time and effort. So, how do you know that you are ready to delegate – and ready to put in some of the time and effort required? There are a number of cluesContinue Reading

What Not to Write on Your Own Performance Appraisal Form

Having read my blog  ”Writing Performance Appraisal Forms” Learning and Development Manager contacted me recently to ask if I would review her self – appraisal form. She had been asked by her manager to fill in the performance appraisal form in preparation for the meeting and wanted my opinion on what she had written. NoContinue Reading

Management Skills: Do You Have a ‘Hardening of the Oughteries’?

I was recently reminded of a great saying (though not in the context of management skills – but bear with me!); ‘he’s suffering from a hardening of the oughteries’ Basically this usually relates to the tendency many of us have to live our lives driven by our ‘oughts’ e.g. I ought to lose weight, IContinue Reading

Helping Your Staff to Achieve Their Performance Objectives

Are your staff struggling to achieve their performance objectives? Do they need some help in dealing with problems they are having in meeting those objectives? I used to find it really frustrating when my staff didn’t meet the objectives I had agreed with them. Sometimes, though, I found they simply needed some help in overcomingContinue Reading

Does Your Employee Have Time to Meet Their Performance Objectives?

What is the most common reason you have heard, from your employees, for not meeting their performance objectives? Would it be: ‘I just didn’t have the time’ or ‘I ran out of time’? I’ve coached dozens of managers in how to talk to an employee who has failed to meet a performance objective. Very often, whenContinue Reading