How to Delegate – Getting Started (Step One)

how to delegateDo you want to delegate but you’re not sure how to get started?

In my blog ‘What is Delegation?’ I explained that some managers don’t delegate because they don’t see the value.

Some managers tell me they do see the value but they don’t delegate tasks as often as they’d like because they just don’t know where to start. Good point. I’d recommend focusing on identifying three things:


  • What you could delegate
  • Who you could delegate to
  • How much of a task you could delegate

Let’s focus in this article on the ‘what’ – step one of the delegation process



The first step in how to delegate is to identify the tasks that would be suitable for delegation. Try this exercise:


  1. Make a list of all the tasks you currently perform


  1. Delete from the list the tasks you must do yourself


These may be tasks which:


  • Are a requirement of your job which no one else can do


  • You are ‘legally’ responsible for carrying out


  • Only you have the expertise and experience for and it would be impossible or      impractical to help your employee’s to gain that expertise and experience.


  1. The tasks that have not been deleted from the list are those that you potentially could delegate totally or partially


  1. Ask this crucial question:


Which of these tasks, if delegated, will free up the most time, so that I can concentrate on those tasks only I can do?  



It’s quite a shock for some of the managers I work with to see how much of what they currently do could (in theory at least) be undertaken by their staff. Of course you do need the right staff (read more here) and you do need the time but even if this exercise only helps you identify one or two tasks you can delegate, at least you’ve got started!

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