Values and People Management: A Quick Test

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What are your values around people management? For example, do you value clarity about expectations (for the manager and the staff member)? Do you value open and honest feedback, objective and fair assessment and evaluation, a focus on job satisfaction as well as job performance? Do you value ‘face time’ between manager and the staff member; focused meetings with the focus on the staff member?

Now a quick question; are you sure your values are being played out in your actions?

In his book ‘Divine Renovation’ Fr James Mallon poses a very neat test around values. He proposes that the way to identify values in any organisation is to look at how it spends it’s time and money. He says ‘Look at what the priorities are, as evidenced by what is done, and not by what is said, and you will identify the values…’

So, what are your priorities – as evidenced by what you actually do? Let’s take an example

Some questions on your values around people management

If you value clarity around expectations;

When did you last talk with your staff about

  • Their performance objectives / standards (are they agreed, still relevant, still serving the business, are they still achievable?)
  • Why their performance is so important to the business (do they understand the bigger picture and where they fit into it? Can they answer the question; why am I doing this? Do they see the value they bring to the business?)
  • Their performance – what’s going well and where they need to develop?
  • How to enhance or maintain their current level of job satisfaction?


A quick test on values and people management

Here’s an idea. How about you take a look at what you have actually done, say over the last month, in terms of people management (I’d write this down if it were me)

Then ask the question; does what I have done reflect the values:

  • I have, or
  • I thought I had, or
  • I want to have about people management?


If not, what do I need to do now?


Joan Henshaw is the author and presenter of the 10 Minute Management video training series and author of a range of e-books abut effective people management


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