Shining Through The Competition: Perfecting Your Managerial Resume

resumeIn this guest blog from freelance writer Jackie Edwards she looks at how to make your resume (CV) stand out from the crowd…

The importance of a tight, informative and relevant resume cannot be stressed enough. In fact, 92% of shortlisting decisions are based entirely on the contents of your resume according to The CV & Interview Advisors, UK. And, as most resumes get looked at for an average of up to 30 seconds, you’ve got to make your management skills shine through and prove your worth over the competition at a glance. Here’s how to make sure your managerial resume sits at the top of the pile.

Make sure the content is relevant, up-to-date, and condensed

Perhaps the most important rule of thumb to follow is to keep your resume succinct. If your document goes over two pages, then it’s high time to go reassess your resume and cut it down. Be brutal; in the 30 seconds that your resume will be looked at, your future employer should be able to register who you are, what your relevant managerial experience is, and why you are the only candidate fit for this job. By giving your resume a much needed trim-back, it will benefit immensely as you will be forced to get rid of any out-of-date and irrelevant experience.

Keep it personalised, short and sweet

Much more focus will be brought to your strongest and most relevant managerial skills and experiences by keeping it clear and relevant; use bullet points, embolden buzzwords and only elaborate on roles that are directly relevant to the job you are applying for. Moreover, target individual job requirements in your resume towards every individual employer. An employer can tell a catch-all resume when they see one, so by spending an extra few minutes on each application, your resume will be certain to show how you are the perfect candidate for any specific job.

A clean and dynamic design will pique your employer’s interest

When it comes to catching your potential employer’s interest, it’s not about the flashiest resume. The real way to pique their interest is through a professionally designed resume, as clarity is the number one factor in increasing the chances of your resume being given a second look. A simple colour scheme with light and airy colours combined with a spacious layout will give your resume room to breathe, and improve its readability tenfold. Particularly for managerial roles, a good design demonstrates an eye for making things accessible and simplified, as well as the ability to know your clients well.

Some ways to improve your design right away would be to opt for simple design aspects such as boxes and lines to delineate different sections easily, as well as to consider which font suits who you are best. According to Business News Daily, “serif typefaces are associated with being reliable, impressive, respectable, authoritative and traditional, while sans-serif fonts are seen as universal, clean, modern, objective and stable” – so choose wisely.

A cursory glance is what most resumes get, however if you make the effort to perfect yours then you might just get a second look. Really take the time to heavily edit yours, and make sure it is tight and relevant to managerial positions only. That level of succinctness combined with a highly readable design not only demonstrates your managerial skills in itself, but will also gives employers a reason to shortlist you right away.

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