Performance Feedback: Examples of How to Give Criticism

performance feedbackIn my blog ‘Improving Employee Performance Feedback’ I talked about a very neat technique for giving negative performance feedback (criticism) called ARC. Before I go on to give you some examples of how to give criticism, here’s a quick review of the model:

Performance Feedback: Giving Criticism using ARC

Action: what, specifically the employee is doing that’s causing a problem

Result: the result of those actions

Consequence: The consequence to the business of those actions

The reason why ARC works so well is because, quite simply, most people don’t want to be the cause of problems (negative consequences). When we help our employees see the results and consequences of what they are doing (or not doing) we can motivate them to make the changes needed to improve their performance

To illustrate the point let’s look at some examples of ARC

Performance Feedback Examples

Performance Feedback Example 1: Late to meetings


Yesterday you arrived 20 minutes late to the team meeting


Because we needed your input into the decision we were making, I had to stop the meeting to update you


This meant we wasted the time for other team members and that’s not an effective way to work

Performance Feedback Example 2: ‘Work it out for yourself’


This morning you told a team member who asked for your help that they needed to ‘work the problem out for themselves’


It took them 2 hours to find a solution. You could have told them the answer in less than 10 minutes


This is not an effective use of team time –working that way is inefficient

Performance Feedback Example 3: Solutions not problems


Not bringing possible solutions to problems


I have to research the problem and develop solutions

Consequence (Business)

Not an effective use of my time


Consequence (Self)

You need a high level of problem solving skills for promotion to the next level. If you don’t develop these skills there may be an impact on your promotion prospects

Performance Feedback Example 4


Not rotating stock to take account of sell by dates


Products had to be disposed of as past their sell by dates


Financial waste incurred by the business (estimate value of cost to the business)

Performance Feedback Summary

The point of using ARC is that it provides objective, evidence-based information that helps your staff member understand WHY they need to improve their performance or change the way they work. As ever, it’s all about clarity!

In my video ‘Motivating Your Staff to Improve Their Performance with Positive Criticism’ I teach managers how to give constructive criticism to their staff in a way that the staff member finds easy to understand and easy to accept and which significantly improves staff performance. Take a look at the video details and find out how to watch a preview session from the video HERE


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