Management Skills: What Are You Doing Right?

management skillsI think it’s fair to say that I spend a significant amount of time talking about what I think managers should do more of or differently when it comes to management skills (for example ‘Helping your stars to sparkle’ or ‘How to share performance feedback’’)

But what about what you, as managers, are already doing ‘right’? What are the management skills that you are applying (maybe without even know it!) that mean your staff are motivated and happy (and performing effectively)? When was the last time you thought about what was going right in your team – as a result of your management skills?

Let’s take a look at just a few examples (with some ideas on how you can ensure you’re making the best of doing it ‘right’)

Management Skills #1: You have a real interest and care for your staff

Are you the kind of manager who really cares for their staff? Who is genuinely interested in them, their ideas and opinions? You know from your experience (and research that shows) that a high level of interest and concern for our staff results in higher levels of job satisfaction and performance. Did you know that one of the most effective ways to demonstrate this interest and concern is by having a conversation with your staff specifically about their job satisfaction? If you didn’t and you’re looking for new ways to demonstrate your interest in your staff why not give this a try? (You can see a step by step approach to having that conversation HERE)

Management Skills #2: You are clear on your expectations

Are you the type of manager who has real clarity about what you want and expect from your staff? You have spent time thinking through, specifically, what good performance looks like for each of your staff and, I’m guessing, you will have spent time with your staff discussing your expectations and agreeing performance standards or objectives. Having clarity, in my view, is one of the key management skills – but I guess you know that! What you might not know is that there is a very quick and neat technique to make sure that your staff really understand what you expect from them. You can see it HERE

Management Skills #3: You like to give praise

Do you like to praise your staff for their high performance? Do you recognise that ‘appreciation for a job well done’ consistently ranks highly as a staff motivator in satisfaction surveys’? Do you spend time trying to identify areas of outstanding performance –so that you can give more praise? We know that many staff say they don’t get enough praise – not your problem! However, many staff also say that when they do get praise it is not detailed enough to be useful to them. So, before you give praise again (and to see the research on what goes wrong) why not quickly check these tips for giving feedback HERE

Summary: Doing Management ‘Right’

Here’s my key point: you are probably doing a LOT of the right things as a manager, but maybe you just don’t realise it. So why not take just five minutes to write down all the things you are doing right and then do a simple check to make sure you’re making the best of what your’e doing?

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3 Responses to Management Skills: What Are You Doing Right?

  1. Dan Enthoven says:

    Keep in mind that different employees will need to be managed differently, so you have to be willing to adjust your style at times. For instance, you usual “chats” with an employee at the coffee pot don’t work when your employees work from home.

  2. joanhenshaw says:

    Thanks Dan. Yep, I’d certainly agree your usual chats over the coffee pot won’t work without the coffee pot!! (not sure where I recommended this idea anyway?)

    I’d certainly agree different employees need to be managed differently and talking to your employees about their job satisfaction (see how here ) helps identify their specfic needs

    Best wishes


  3. Sophie says:

    I agree with the points you’ve made in this post. I definitely think praise helps boost motivation. It helps employees feel valuable and they often want to work harder in order to gain more praise. Also talking to them about how they feel within their employment is a good way to raise issues and to show that you do care about your employees, as you stated. Thanks!

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