Management Skills: How to Monitor Employee Performance

employee performanceCould you use some help in learning how to monitor employee performance?

You will know that research tells us that clear objectives with effective measures can improve employee performance by over 30%. You probably also know that monitoring employee performance is the most effective way to measure that performance. But do you have the tools and techniques you need to effectively monitor performance and involve your employees in that monitoring?

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Learn in Just 10 Minutes… How to Monitor Employee Performance

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There are only 5 steps to effectively monitoring employee performance and in this book I show you how to do each of them. You will learn how to:

Step 1. Get clear on what you are monitoring: a simple, three part exercise to ensure you are monitoring the important elements of your employee’s performance

Step 2. Identify easy and effective monitoring methods for:

• The numbers part of the job (the quantifiable)

• The behavioural part of the job

And get answers to the three key questions that stop managers monitoring performance

Step 3. Involve your employee in monitoring their own performance (and find out why this is such a brilliant idea)

Step 4. Design a monitoring plan

Step 5. Monitor the elements of performance that just cannot be planned – the ‘opportunistic’ approach

Why Monitor Employee Performance?

Because not only does monitoring and measuring performance actually improve that performance, but by monitoring performance you can:

• Gather the information you need to give performance feedback which is accurate, objective and balanced – the type of feedback that employees want more of because they find it constructive and motivational

• Demonstrate to your employees how important you consider their work to be and how much you value their contribution to the business

So, by monitoring performance you can improve employee performance, give feedback on that performance and show the employee how much you value them and their performance

Is it time you learnt some new techniques for monitoring employee performance?

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