Management Skills: How to Delegate

How to delegateDo you need to learn how to delegate? Or to simply polish up your delegation skills? Could you use a step-by-step guide to effective delegation (and a guide that can be read in just 10 minutes!)?

Yes? Then why not take a look at my kindle book (or at least check out the reviews?!)

Learn in Just 10 Minutes … How to Delegate. A step-by-step guide to effective delegation

This book is for managers who want a proven step-by-step guide to delegation – and who only have 10 minutes to read it! Check it out on Amazon US HERE and Amazon UK HERE

There are only 7 steps to effective delegation and in this book I show you how to do each of them. In the book you can learn how to delegate by:

1. Deciding which tasks to delegate using a quick and simple ‘elimination exercise’

2. Identifying which employee to delegate to using a ‘6 Criteria’ check list

3. Deciding on the level of delegation (big surprise – managers don’t have to delegate all the task)

4. Defining the performance standard for the delegation with one key question

5. Having the delegation discussion – a step by step approach to:

a) Describing the task

b) Selling the delegation – including delegation that is not developmental for the employee!

c) Gaining agreement

d) Agreeing what support is needed

e) Agreeing monitoring methods

6. Use a quick strategy for communicating the delegation – and how to ‘walk the talk’

7. Make the delegation ‘stick’

Why Delegate?

When managers delegate they find time to focus on the activities that only they can do – the activities they know will get them great results (if only they had the time to do them!). Managers tell us again and again that they would like to spend more time working at a more ‘strategic’ level. They also want to spend more time with their customers and their staff. Delegation is a very effective way of finding time for those ‘high value’ activities. Done well, delegation also improves employee job satisfaction. So…

Is it time for you to learn some new techniques for how to delegate?

Yes? Then for the price of a cup of coffee (and the time it takes to drink it!), you could learn some new techniques for how to delegate TODAY by clicking on the book details at Amazon US HERE and Amazon UK HERE


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