Manager Training: The Newly Promoted Manager

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Manager Training: The Waiting Game

I still meet managers, team leaders and supervisors who, having just been promoted, are left waiting (and waiting) for some manager training. It’s not really uncommon is it? And, believe me, I feel their pain! I remember well my first promotion to manager. Here’s how it went

The story of a newly promoted manager

I was recruited into a job as a ‘technician’. I was good at this so quickly got promoted to senior technician and then manager. We had a party on the Friday afternoon and then I was into my management job on the Monday morning. I checked the date of next management course – only six months to wait for that then. My senior manager had never even heard of coaching. So, six very tricky and stressful months where I managed to make just about every mistake in the management book (and write a few new ones as well)

Is this sounding familiar? Does this happen in your business? I guess it might (on the basis I’ve rarely met a manager, team leader or supervisor who hasn’t had a similar experience). So, what do newly appointed managers need and how might we be able to meet those needs?

Manager Training: What do new managers need?

What I needed when I became a manager and what I see many managers, team leaders and supervisors needing is;

• Some simple tools I could have accessed from day one would have been hugely helpful. Practical, step-by-step processes that I could have used as ‘road maps’ or guidelines. Some ‘how to’ information. Anything that would have helped me approach my new management role with some level of competence and confidence

• Some advice on how to deal with those tricky management situations – the underperforming employee, the high performing (but unhappy) employee. Some help in working out how to motivate my employees to high performance, preferably by someone who’s been there and done it themselves

It’s no fun making it up as you go along or trying to learn by ‘trial and error’ (often with the focus on error). Most of the managers, team leaders and supervisors I know you just don’t have the time to get out there and do the reading and research on what makes for effective management and then learn how to apply that knowledge

Manager Training: The challenge

Of course it’s a challenge to provide manager training to each and every newly promoted manager – from day one. You probably have to juggle with a whole number of issues; available resources, available trainers, costs, venues and so on. But it’s so important that we don’t leave newly promoted managers to ‘soldier on’ whilst at the same time either making mistake after mistake or not managing at all (another mistake)

Manager Training: A possible solution

One way to give newly promoted managers some practical, proven management training – from day one – is to use online learning. A good example (!) would be the 10 Minute Management Toolkit online video management training series. Here managers can have access to proven, practical tools and techniques (delivered in easy to absorb 10 minute sessions) which will give them an excellent foundation in how to motivate their staff to high performance

There are any number of ways you can use videos to train new managers – here are just a few ideas:

• In your in – house manager training courses (read more here)

• In your management coaching (read more here)

• For self managed learning (read more here)

• As a blended learning solution (read more here)

Manager Training: Summary

It’s all about finding ways to make manager training quick, easy and effective – not just for the manager, but for you too

Read more about the videos and how to access your FREE manager training sessions HERE


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