Performance Objectives: Deadly Sin No. 5

performance objectives And it was all going so well. You’ve done the great work of writing the performance objectives, you’ve focused the objectives not just on the ‘what’ of the job but also on the ‘how’ (and avoided the sin of only focusing on the numbers) and you’ve neatly avoided imposing the objectives. Excellent!

But it’s so easy to make this next mistake – to commit deadly sin number 5 – simply by stopping there, by …

Not monitoring performance against performance objectives

I can’t tell you (although I will!) how many managers I’ve met who have put an enormous amount of time and effort into agreeing performance objectives with their staff only to have so much of that work undermined by failing to monitor the employee’s actual performance against the objectives

It’s so important to monitor and measure employee performance against the objectives because it is  ‘clear objectives with effective measures’ that improve performance by over 30%. Also if you don’t monitor employee performance how can you give performance feedback that is accurate, objective and balanced? (here’s a clue – you can’t)

So, how can you make sure that you don’t commit this deadly sin? Here are a few tips

1. Make a monitoring plan

Isn’t it true that planning prevents poor performance? If you plan to monitor performance – and take that plan into your diary system – you are far more likely to undertake that monitoring

Read more on this and see a sample monitoring plan here

2. Learn how to monitor performance ‘on the hoof’  

Of course not all monitoring can be planned. There will be times when you need to record the unplanned – samples and examples of your employees work that you notice, in passing, as being particularly interesting. Good practice is to open a performance file for each of your employees and then to get into the habit of putting in there; reports, examples of work, feedback etc that you collect on a day to day basis

Read more at ‘Monitoring Performance – On the Hoof

3. Involve your employee in monitoring their own performance

A very neat way to ensure that monitoring actual performance against objectives doesn’t get forgotten is to involve your employee in monitoring their own performance. This doesn’t mean, though, that you can forget about monitoring  but it does mean that when your employee ‘reports back’ their progress against the objectives you will, more often than not, be reminded to collect some examples and samples of your own!

Summary: Monitoring Performance Against Objectives

So, monitoring not only assures you that your employees are on target for meeting their objectives it (more importantly) assures your staff that their performance – on an ongoing basis – really matters

Read more on how to involve your employee in monitoring their own performance here

Would you like to learn – in just 10 minutes – some new strategies for monitoring employee performance?

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