Example Objectives: Performance Management

example objectivesImproving Performance Management: Example Objectives

I’ve often been asked by Senior Managers, HR and Learning professionals ‘how can we encourage the managers in our business to be more effective at performance management?

My first question is always ‘have you described to these managers what you mean by effective performance management?

Very often the answer is ‘no

I then work with these clients to help them describe what ‘effective performance management’ looks like for their particular business. Through doing this (many times) I’ve learnt something that I think may be useful to you;

What looks like effective performance management in one organisation, looks very much the same in another, irrespective of the size, culture, or industry

So what does it look like?

Here are five performance objectives which I find usefully describe ‘effective performance management’

Example Objectives for ‘Performance Management’

Example objectives 1: Clarity on performance objectives / standards

Agree clear performance objectives or standards with your staff which define good performance for the job. Ensure the staff member understands how meeting the objectives or standards contributes to the business / organisations success

Example objectives 2: Monitoring performance

Agree and implement a range of monitoring methods which enable you to measure actual performance against the agreed performance objectives or standards. Encourage the staff member to self monitor

Example objectives 3: Performance Review

Hold quarterly review meetings with each member of your staff during which you:

• provide feedback on performance

• identify and agree upon areas for development

• invite feedback on your management skills and style

• discuss the staff member’s satisfaction and agree any areas for improvement

Example objectives 4: Improving underperformance

Identify any areas of underperformance, seek to gain agreement from the staff member to improvement in performance, agree performance improvement strategies. Utilise formal procedures accurately as necessary

Example objectives 5: Performance Appraisal

Complete the organisations appraisal / review procedure to the standards and deadlines agreed

Using the Example Objectives

Of course your description of ‘effective performance management’ may be very different from mine! No matter. Here are some ways you can use my example performance objectives in order to improve performance management in your business

a) Use the performance objectives outlined above as a start point or framework for developing your own objectives

b) Explain the purpose and benefits of ‘performance objectives for performance managers’, show your managers my example objectives and then ask them to develop their own performance objectives

Once you have agreed the performance objectives you can then

c) Work with your managers to assess any training, coaching, or support they need in order to achieve the objectives

d) Embed the performance objectives into your current appraisal / performance review system and use steps 2 – 4 to manage your manager’s performance

Improving Performance Management in Your Business

Do you need to provide some practical, easy to access training for your managers – training that they can complete 10 minutes at a time? Then why not take a look at the videos in my 10 Minute Management Toolkit series HERE – videos that teach managers step by step about effective performance management

Or, if you prefer to read, take a look at my e-book ‘Motivating Your Staff with Powerful Performance Objectives

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