Can We Link Employee Engagement and Performance Objectives?

employee engagementI had a great question sent to me this week asking if there is a connection or link between Employee Engagement and Performance Objectives. Here’s the question

Hi Joan,

I would like to say that your article on the performance objectives was great. It helped me a lot in understanding how to set objectives for different individuals. I would like to know whether you have anything on ‘employee engagement’? How it’s connected to performance objectives? Is there any link between employee engagement and performance objectives?

Please do reply if you have anything on the above questions. Thank you.

I thought it was a great question. Here’s my reply

What a great question! I don’t know of any research that shows a causal link between setting performance objectives and increasing employee engagement (I only wish I did!). However I would say that there is certainly a link between performance objectives and engagement because…

Enablers of Employee Engagement

I have read that one of the ‘enablers’ of employee engagement is ‘managers who focus their people…’ My argument is that the most effective way to ‘focus people’ is by agreeing performance objectives. The key word here I think, within the context of engagement, is ‘agree’. I’ve recently written two blogs on how to involve staff in writing objectives and you can see these here

How to encourage your staff to write performance objectives’ and ‘Helping your employees to write performance objectives

Employee Engagement and Clarity

Gallup research (which they believe underpins employee engagement) shows that ‘knowing what is expected of me’ is crucially important to engagement. I’ve written a number of blogs about the connection between performance objectives and employee satisfaction (for example ‘Performance objectives – 4 ways to make your employees happy)

Based on the Gallup research I could have easily, I guess, called this ‘employee engagement’ rather than ‘employee satisfaction’

Employee Engagement and Meaningful Work

A consistent theme of engagement is ‘making progress in meaningful work’. In my blog ‘Creating employee engagement with meaningful work’ I’ve written about how performance objectives, and more specifically how we communicate them, can be really useful in helping our employees see the ‘meaningfulness’ of their work

Employee Engagement and Performance Objectives – Is There Really a Link?

I have to confess here that I’m no expert on Employee Engagement (I know, shocking eh?). It seems obvious to me that there is a link between the clarity that performance objectives can bring both about ‘knowing what is expected’ and ‘meaningful work’ with engagement. Of course I could be, on the basis that I’m more than little keen on performance objectives as a managment tool, indulging in some ‘wishful thinking’! So over to you

Am I right? What do you think?


Do you want to read more about Performance Objectives?

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