5 Great Reasons for Using Performance Objectives


performance objectivesOk, it’s true, I’ve written a lot about performance objectives. Why? Because, as a management tool, they really bring home the bacon. Performance objectives help you get the results from your employees that you need – and much more. So here’s a quick reminder of 5 great reasons why these objectives should be part of your management toolkit

Why Use Performance Objectives?

Because they;

1. Improve Employee Performance

Research shows us that when employees have clear objectives with effective measures their performance improves by over 30%. Now, can you imagine what a difference 10%, 20% or even 30% improvement in performance would mean you to YOUR results, YOUR team and YOUR business?

2. Improve Employee Job Satisfaction

Research also shows us that team members who know what’s expected of them are found to not only be both more productive and profitable but also to have higher satisfaction ratings than those who don’t. Performance objectives are a really effective way of getting clear with employees what we expect of them – and clarity improves employee job satisfaction

3. Make monitoring employee performance much easier

We need effective measures to make performance objectives work – and we need performance objectives in order to monitor and measure performance. If you don’t have performance objectives what are you monitoring and measuring performance against?

4. Make giving performance feedback much more effective

If we want to be the kind of manager who regularly gives excellent performance feedback we have to have in place systems for monitoring employee performance against agreed objectives or standards. Why? Because monitoring performance against objectives gives us the samples and examples of our employee’s performance that then enable us to give the type of feedback employees want and need – feedback that is factual, objective and meaningful

5. Are the foundation of effective performance management

When we agree performance objectives with our employees we put in place the foundation stones of effective employee management. Without them you’ll struggle to effectively monitor employee performance and give your employees the feedback they want and indeed, need (and tell us they want a lot more of). Once you and your employees have; gained real clarity about what effective performance looks like (and performance objectives are pretty unbeatable for getting that clarity), agreed how you will both monitor actual performance against those objectives and agreed how you will share feedback then –viola! – you have a performance management system in place

The Power of Performance Objectives

So, that’s 5 reasons why performance objectives are a powerful management technique. And there are more ways you can use performance objectives to make your management life much easier (helping with effective staff recruitment or example) – take a look HERE


Do you want to read more about Performance Objectives?

performance objectivesWhy not take a look at my e-book ‘Motivating Your Staff with Powerful Performance Objectives’ – a step-by-step guide for managers, team leaders and supervisors who want to motivate their staff to high performance. More details HERE

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