Performance Management – What is it?

performance managementPerformance Management: A Definition

We talk about ‘performance management’ all the time in business but do the managers, team leaders and supervisors in your business know what it actually means? Here’s a view you might find useful

Performance management is a structured and planned approach to ensuring that employees are ‘effectively managed’

Research tells us that ‘effectively managed’ means;

  • Making our expectations of our employees clear
  • Helping employees connect their efforts to the mission and purpose of the business
  • Frequently giving feedback and recognition
  • Encouraging development and helping employees match their abilities to their role
  • Showing care, interest and concern for employees.

Performance Management: What does it look like?

A simple approach is to visualise our description of ‘effectively managed’ as a step by step performance management system:

Step 1. Identifying, writing and agreeing performance objectives

 ‘Making expectations clear’

Step 2. Discussing how the objectives contribute to the business goals.

‘Ensuring employees connect their efforts to the mission and purpose of the business’

(All covered in my video ‘Motivating Your Staff With Powerful Performance Objectives’)

Step 3. Monitoring and measuring performance against objectives so that you are…

• Providing ongoing, regular and specific feedback on performance

• Identifying and acknowledging outstanding performance and any areas for improvement

‘Frequently giving feedback and recognition’

Step 4. Discussing the employee’s development aspirations and objectives. Planning development activities.

‘Encouraging development and helping staff match their abilities to the role’

Step 5. Discussing the employee’s job satisfaction. Planning to take action to improve satisfaction.

‘Showing care, interest and concern’

(All covered in my video ‘Motivating Your Staff by Monitoring and Reviewing Performance’’)

Performance Management – The simple definition

Quite simply, performance management is a focused and structured approach to managing people effectively!

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