9 Essential Performance Management Techniques

performance managementThere are many performance management techniques you can use to manage your staff. But which are the best? Here are the 9 techniques that – in terms of improving staff performance and satisfaction – I think are absolutely essential:

Performance Management Technique #1. Get crystal clear on what you want from your staff

It’s vital to identify what’s important to you, your team, and your business or organisation so that you can concentrate on specific areas for really improving staff performance

(Watch a video on how to use a 3 step process for getting clear on what you want HERE)

Performance Management Technique #2. Describe to your staff exactly what you want from them using performance objectives

Research tells us that having clear objectives with effective measures can improve performance by over 30%. Enough said?

Performance Management Technique #3. Gain your staff’s commitment and agreement to meeting the objectives

Effectively communicating objectives to your staff (and working with them to write objectives) wins their total commitment to achieving the objectives

Performance Management Technique #4. Monitor your staff’s performance

Monitor and measure staff performance against objectives and standards so that you can collect the data you need to give the type of performance feedback that improves performance and satisfaction

Performance Management Technique #5. Prepare well for the performance review meeting

When you and your staff member effectively prepare for the performance review or appraisal meeting you’ve got everything in place to make the meeting energetic, collaborative and highly motivational

Performance Management Technique #6. Hold a motivational performance review meeting

Put together an agenda that focuses on meeting the motivational needs of the staff member. Review with the staff member their performance and job satisfaction – put the staff member first by asking for their opinion before offering your own. Agree performance evaluations step by step

(Watch a video on how to put together a motivational performance review meeting agenda HERE)

Performance Management Technique # 7. Explain performance feedback in clear, objective, non-judgemental language

Explain performance feedback (particularly criticism) so that your staff member finds it easy to understand and accept

(Watch a video on how to prepare to give positive criticism HERE)

Performance Management Technique #8. Use results and consequences

Identify and explain results and consequences to persuade your staff member to make a change to their performance – a change that leads to improvement

Performance Management Technique #9. Have performance improvement discussions

Hold performance improvement discussions with your staff member where you give the criticism gain their agreement and offer your support. Understand the types of reactions and responses you may get and learn how to deal with effectively those

Performance Management Techniques: Do The Managers In Your Business Need Help?

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  1. Great job. The information you have shared is informative to my vision. Performance management system we can say is a cog for an organisation and gives a big hand to the firm when implemented properly.

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