Performance Review and Appraisal: The Meeting Agenda


performance appraisalOne of the easiest ways of making a performance review or appraisal meeting suck is to get bogged down in the paperwork and to lose sight of the purpose of the meeting – to review and improve the employee’s performance and job satisfaction

One simple way to overcome this (and to make sure that our employee is involved and fully engaged) is to use an agenda that focuses on both performance and satisfaction

Here’s a sample performance review or appraisal agenda you could use

Performance Review / Appraisal Meeting Agenda

1. Welcome the employee to the meeting

You could remind the employee about; the objectives of performance appraisal, how the system works, what the documentation looks like and (importantly!) that it is a two way discussion

2. Review of performance against objectives

If you have spent some time helping your employee to prepare for the performance appraisal meeting you can begin this part by asking them to review their own performance against the agreed performance objectives or standards. You can then add your feedback

3. Review performance objectives and agree any new objectives

Performance objectives have to change when the needs of the business change. A key part of the performance appraisal process is to review the objectives. Are the performance objectives still relevant? What new performance objectives are needed?

4. Discuss and agree development plans

This could relate to building on strengths, addressing areas requiring improvement or meeting future challenges or career aspirations

5. Discuss job satisfaction

Such an important part of the performance appraisal meeting it deserves a blog all to itself! Read more HERE

6. Review and summarise the meeting and agree the next steps

Quickly going over the main points of the performance appraisal meeting and:

• Highlighting the achievements and successes

• Underling the agreed improvement areas

• Asking the employee for feedback on the meeting – checking there’s nothing been left unsaid

• Summarising agreements and what happens next in the performance appraisal process

Performance review / Appraisal Meeting Agenda Summary

So, that is my idea of an effective performance appraisal meeting agenda. What would you add?

 Would you like to learn – in just 10 minutes – how to run motivational performance appraisal or review meetings?

Then why not take a look at my Kindle book ‘A step-by-step guide to running performance appraisal meetings that that motivate your staff to higher performance and higher job satisfaction’

This guide was easy to read, well structured and easy to follow… I particularly liked: the emphasis on motivation; the inclusion of job satisfaction ( not something I had come across as a specific appraisal topic before); the approach of drawing in the staff member to the whole process ( making them prepare and getting them to give their views first); the idea of sharing performance feedback and that the manager should be prepared to change their mind on whether objectives have been met in the light of information given by the member of staff.

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