Performance Review and Appraisal Meetings: What’s the Point?


performance appraisal The Purpose of the Performance Review or Appraisal Meeting

Performance review. Performance appraisal. Whatever you call it in your business, most managers have to do it. Most employees have to go through it. But what, exactly, is the point of the performance review or appraisal meeting? What’s its purpose?

In my view, the purpose of performance review and appraisal is improvement. It’s about:

• Improving the job performance of the employee

• Improving the employee’s job satisfaction

• Improving the performance of the company / organisation

• Improving the likelihood of the employee and company / organisation developing together to their mutual satisfaction

OK, let me be clear here. A performance review or appraisal meeting alone cannot achieve these improvements. We all know that an annual review or appraisal meeting – undertaken as a stand alone / once a year discussion between a manager and an employee – achieves very, very little (if anything at all). Performance review or appraisal is (or should be) part of a structured, ongoing performance management system (see an example of a performance management system HERE)

So remind me, what’s the point of the performance review or appraisal meeting?

The point of the review or appraisal meeting is to:

a) Clarify areas for improvement – improvement of the employee’s performance and of their job satisfaction and

b) Clarify how those improvements will be made

So, what are the objectives of the appraisal meeting?

Objectives of the Performance Review or Appraisal meeting

Within the four improvement areas I outlined above there are six objectives we can identify:

• To review actual employee performance against agreed performance objectives and standards

• To review the performance objectives or standards and agree new objectives as necessary

• To identify the development needs of the employee and plan how to meet those needs

• To identify job satisfaction needs and plan how to meet those needs

• To plan, in advance, the on-going job performance requirement

• To agree with the individual future action plans as a result of the appraisal.

(You can see a performance appraisal meeting agenda to meet these objectives HERE)

The point of the performance review or appraisal meeting – summary

Sometimes, for both managers and employees alike, the point or purpose of performance appraisal meetings is a mystery. When managers and employees can see that the meeting is about improvements – to both performance and job satisfaction – the meeting becomes much more relevant

Would you like to learn – in just 10 minutes – how to run motivational performance review or appraisal meetings?

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