Monitoring Performance: How to put together a Monitoring Plan

monitoring employee performanceAre the managers in your organisation confident in monitoring performance? Do they know how to ensure that they can measure their staff’s performance (because we know that performance objectives ‘with effective measures’ really improve results)? In my blog post ‘How to Monitor Staff Performance Against Performance Objectives’ I outlined how managers could identify the most effective ways to monitor their staff’s performance against performance objectives (or standards)

Having identified (with their staff) the most effective ways to of monitoring performance the next step for managers is to ensure they have a planned approach to monitoring performance (on the basis that ‘planning prevents pretty poor performance’ (or something like that!). In this blog I will share a really simple plan using an example of a selection of performance objectives for ‘team working’

monitoring performanceThis is a plan the manager would design and agree with their staff member. I’ve made this a 3 month plan, on the basis that research would suggest it’s best practice to review performance on a quarterly basis, but managers could adapt it to suit their own schedule

How to put together a monitoring performance plan

I would suggest that the manager:

• Finds at least one monitoring method for each performance objective or performance standard

• Uses a range of methods (because using a range of methods means you will gain a more balanced view of the employee’s performance)

• Discusses with their employee the best ways to monitor actual performance against the agreed objectives or standards

Having made the plan the manager, and the employee, can then transfer the monitoring activities into their diaries

Monitoring Performance Summary

When managers monitor employee performance against objectives they:

a) Gather the information they need to give accurate, objective and balanced performance feedback

b) Demonstrate to the staff member how much they value their contribution to the business (on the basis that why would be monitor what we do not value?)

By planning to monitor performance the manager is much more likely to achieve a) and b) because when we plan we are much more likely to take action

Monitoring Performance: Do the managers in your business need help?

In my video ‘Motivating Your Staff by Monitoring and Reviewing Performance’ I teach managers how to; identify a range of monitoring methods that are easy to apply and effective, use a planned (and unplanned) approach to monitoring, how to prepare effectively for a performance review / appraisal meeting and how to run the meeting in a way that the staff member finds highly motivational. Take a look at the video details and find out how to watch a FREE preview session from the video HERE

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