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There are so many great management blogs out there full of  techniques, tips and insights. That’s good news isn’t it? All that free information, knowledge and good management practice at your fingertips. Now let me ask you a question. Do you actually learn from what you read from those management blogs ? And do you actually do anything differently as a result?


Someone said to me recently ‘I read so many good management blogs but I never actually do anything with what I read. It’s becoming quite a waste of time’.


Of course not all management blogs warrant deep analysis but if you find a blog that really captures your attention then why not try one of these three tips for learning from management and leadership blogs:

1. Discuss the management blogs with someone else

Why not send the blog link to a colleague, friend or your boss and suggest that you have a chat about it. Let’s take an example. Maybe you read my management blog ‘The Secret to Effective Performance Management’  and think to yourself ‘hmm, we certainly could be a lot better at getting clarity with our employees in this business’.


How about sharing the blog with some other managers in the business and then setting up a short meeting where you talk about how you could gain more clarity with your employees? Here’s my point; chewing over concepts and ideas with other people is often a great way to explore and learn a topic. Making plans to take action to apply that learning into practice is where you gain real benefits from the theories and ideas that people (just like me!) are sharing with you


2. Teach the management blogs topics to someone else

A really effective tool for learning for many people is by ‘teaching’ someone else the topic – passing on the knowledge you’ve gained from reading the blog. Let’s take another example. Let’s say you’ve read my management blog ’10 Quick Tips for Giving Constructive Criticism’ and think ‘I wish my supervisors would give constructive criticism in this way’.


Why not print off the blog (and the linked blogs) and use them to run a short training course or coaching session with your supervisory staff? Many blogs give you step by step ‘how to’ information that you can easily use to coach or train your staff. All the content is there – so why not use it to improve performance?


3. Use some focused questions

Simply try using some of these questions to help you explore the management blogs content in more depth:


  • How does this relate to what I already know?
  • What assumptions is the author making?
  • How do these assumptions fit with my experience?
  • What if……..?
  • How can I apply this?


Summary: Learning from a Management Blogs

These are just a few ways that you can gain learning and real practical benefits from the management and leadership blogs you read (and the special reports you download, the webinars you attend and the videos you watch!). After all, you are investing the time in reading the blog so why not use the content?



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