Performance Objectives: The 5 Deadly Sins!


performance objectivesPerformance objectives are an amazingly effective tool for improving employee performance (and employee job satisfaction). They make managing employee performance not only more effective but much, much easier. They are a tool that managers can use again and again – not just for performance improvement but for; training, process improvement, recruitment and in career development discussions

However, like every management tool, they can be used and abused (or more often in the case of performance objectives – not used at all)! This means that business owners and managers are missing out on a great management resource. In this series of blogs I’m going to take you through the ‘5 deadly sins of performance objectives’ – sins that I’ve certainly been guilty of (I confess!) – and that I hope you can avoid

Here’s sin No 1

Sin No 1. Not seeing the value of performance objectives

Sometimes called a ‘sin of omission’ not seeing the value of performance objects comes in as my number one sin simply because when business owners and managers don’t see the value they don’t see the point. And when we don’t see the point, we don’t take action

So, why are performance objectives so valuable?

Because research shows that:

  •  Having clear objectives with effective measures improves performance by over 30%. Let me ask you a question; what difference would 10%, 20% or even 30% improvement in performance make to your results, your team, and your business?
  • Teams who say that they know what was expected of them are found to be both more productive, more profitable and had higher satisfaction ratings than those who didn’t. Performance objectives are the easiest way to help your employees understand what is expected of them
  • Employees who say they lack any real commitment to their job give one of the key reasons for that lack of commitment as not knowing what was expected of them.

In short, performance objectives improve performance. The performance of the employee and performance of the business. They also improve employee motivation and job satisfaction.

(Read more about why performance objectives are so valuable – especially to you as a manager in my blog ‘Performance Objectives: A Key Management Technique)

So that’s sin no 1 covered. What deadly sins (about performance objectives!) would you add?

Do you want to read more about Performance Objectives?

performance objectivesWhy not take a look at my e-book ‘Motivating Your Staff with Powerful Performance Objectives’ – a step-by-step guide for managers, team leaders and supervisors who want to motivate their staff to high performance. More details HERE


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