Performance Objectives: Deadly Sin No 2


performance objectivesIn the first in this mini – series  of blogs ‘Performance Objectives: The 5 Deadly Sins’ I explained that although performance objectives are a brilliantly effective tool for improving employee performance (and much more) they’re often ‘used or abused’ (or not used at all).

Here’s my second deadly sin (and what to do about it!)

Sin No 2. Not being selective and identifying the performance objectives that will significantly improve performance

One of the issues about performance objectives for many business owners and managers is the sheer volume of work involved in defining objectives for every part of the job. Very often it’s this volume of work, and the time involved, that stops business owners and managers getting started on using objectives. And I don’t blame them. The key question then is – do we really need objectives for each and every part of the job?  Well, yes – and no

Performance Objectives: Do we need them for every part of the job?

Yes when:

  • The employee is new to the job and when they need a lot of guidance
  • The employee is underperforming in every area of the job

No for most employees:

  • Because performance objectives are best used for performance improvement

The key issue is about identifying the performance objectives that will have the greatest impact on the employee’s performance. So, it’s about asking yourself:

a)      What do I want from my employees?

b)      What does the business need from my employees?

c)      Looking at the answers to a) and b) – what am I currently not getting from my employees?

d)      Have I clearly described what I want and need?

If the answer to d) is ‘no’ – those are the areas of the job where using performance objectives will have the greatest impact

(See an example of how to use objectives to improve employee performance – with Jenny, our reluctant receptionist, in my blog ‘Performance Objectives – What Are They?’)

So that’s sin no 2 covered. What deadly sins (about performance objectives!) would you add?

Do you want to read more about Performance Objectives?

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