Performance Objectives: A Key Management Technique

Performance objectives are an amazingly effective management technique for improving employee performance and job satisfaction. Why? Because…

Research shows us that:

  1. Performance ObjectivesWhen employees have clear objectives with effective measures their performance improves by over 30%. Now, imagine what a difference 10%, 20% or even 30% improvement in performance would mean you to YOUR results, YOUR team and YOUR business? An awful lot, I would imagine!
  2. Team members who know what’s expected of them are found to be both more productive and profitable with higher satisfaction ratings than those who don’t.
  3. Employees who reported feeling lack of any real commitment to their job, gave the main reason for this as not knowing what was expected of them.

Can you see why performance objective are the easiest way to help your employees understand what is expected of them?

In short, they improve performance… of the employee and of the business. Not only that, they also improve employee motivation and job satisfaction. And there’s more…

Performance Objectives – what about you as the manager?

Performance objectives are an incredibly effective management technique for you because

Getting clearer on what you want from your employees, means you’ll get more of what you need from them. Don’t make the mistake many business owners and managers make by assuming your employees know what’s expected of them. Perhaps they should… but they often don’t.

  • Your employees will struggle to give you what you want if they are unclear about your expectations. This causes so much frustration in the workplace, time and again we hear unhappy employees say, “I just want to know what my boss wants from me. Why doesn’t he/she just tell me?”
  • By agreeing on performance objectives with your employees you’re putting the foundation stones in place to ensure effective employee management. Without them you’ll struggle to give your employees the feedback they want and indeed, need (and tell us they want a lot more of).

So, a management techniques that improves employee performance, business performance, employee satisfaction and motivation AND makes managing employee performance a whole lot easier. What more could you want?

Do you want to read more about Performance Objectives?

performance objectivesWhy not take a look at my e-book ‘Motivating Your Staff with Powerful Performance Objectives’ – a step-by-step guide for managers, team leaders and supervisors who want to motivate their staff to high performance. More details HERE

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