Performance Management: Giving ‘Artful Performance Feedback’

Artful Performance Feedback

In an excellent blog post ‘Performance Reviews: It’s Not Only What You Say, But How You Say It’ Daniel Goleman talks about ‘artful performance feedback’ and gives the example of saying something to the employee on the lines of ‘When you do X, it does not help get to Y, because of Z’. He stresses that the feedback needs to be ‘clear and specific – that is, actionable information.’

performance feedbackIn my blog post ‘Performance Feedback: Examples of How to Give Criticism’ I lay out a model called ARC – Action, Results, Consequences. Here’s how the ARC model would work (with a little adaptation!) using Daniel Goleman’s example

Performance Feedback: Using ARC

Action                ‘When you do X’
Result                 ‘It results in Z’
Consequence    ‘So it does not help to get to Y’

Clearly, as Goleman stresses, it is hugely helpful to use a ‘warm, positive tone of voice’ when delivering negative performance feedback (constructive criticism). From my point of view it’s equally, if not more, important to ensure your performance feedback is; ‘behavioural, factual and objective’

Do you want to read more about giving performance feedback?

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