Performance Appraisals : How to prepare for your appraisal or performance review meeting

performance appraisalsPerformance Appraisals – Is it that time of year again?

Is it time for your performance appraisal or review meetings? Looking forward to it? Dreading it?

Most importantly – are you ready?

I know, I know – nobody, but nobody, looks forward to the performance appraisal meeting but here’s my thinking; the better prepared you are for the meeting the better it will go for you (and your manager). So how do you prepare? Here are some ideas


1. Your performance against the agreed objectives
Find examples of work which demonstrates your achievement of the objectives:
• Identifying achievements and successes – be specific
• Highlighting any barriers to your performance – has anything stopped you meeting your objectives? What did you do about it?
• Include examples of special projects / work done ‘above and beyond’ the objectives

2. Review of performance objectives
• Any changes facing the team or business that will require new performance objectives
• Any performance objectives that are no longer appropriate or need amending

3. Areas for development:
Consider any development needs you might have. These might relate to:
• Building on your strengths
• Addressing any areas requiring improvement
• Meeting future challenges

4. Your job satisfaction
Consider the following questions:
• What gives you the most satisfaction in your work?
• How can your satisfaction be maintained or improved?
• Are there any other ways your job satisfaction could be improved?
• Is there anything your manager could do; more of, less of, or differently in order to improve your job satisfaction?

Performance Appraisals Meeting – Summary

Of course, I can’t guarantee your manager will ask for all (or any!) of the above. But if they do, you’ll be prepared, and if they don’t – tell ’em anyway!

And if you think there’s anything I’ve missed around performance appraisals- why not add them in the comments box below?

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