Performance Review and Appraisal: 9 Quick Tips for a Motivational Meeting

performance appraisalHolding a performance review or appraisal meeting does not, for many managers, come top of their most favourite activities. Most often they are concerned that the employee will not find the meeting motivational. Here are 9 quick tips for making the meeting motivational (with plenty of additional resources should you want to read more)

Performance Review / Appraisal Tips

1. Prepare for the meeting well

It’s vitally important that you prepare well for the review or appraisal meeting. After all, what does it say to your employee if you don’t?

You need to prepare the practical (timing, venue and documentation) and most importantly you need to prepare to review the employee’s performance

(For more information on how to prepare take a look at Management Tips: Performance Appraisal Meeting Preparation – The Practical and Management Tips: Performance Appraisal Meeting Preparation – Performance Review)

2. Help your employee prepare for the meeting

Your review or appraisal meeting will be far more collaborative, and far more successful, if you give your employee time to prepare for the meeting and if you help them prepare

(You can get a performance review/ appraisal checklist for your employee at my blog Performance review: How to help your employee prepare for the meeting)

3. Think about your employee’s motivational needs

What would need to happen for your employee to find the appraisal meeting really motivational? Don’t know? Then simply ask your employee!

(Read more at Performance Appraisal: 3 Steps to Motivational Meeting)

4. Take your time

It’s really important that you and your employee have enough time to think. Plan for around 2 hours. Don’t rush, and don’t rush your employee

5. Listen well

It’s so important that your employee feels listened to. Ask questions, probe the answers, ask more questions! Use silence to give your employee time to think

(Read more on the types of questions to ask your employee at Management Skills: Are You Asking your Employees Enough Questions?)

6. Employee first

Always ask the employee first for their opinion – then build on what they have said

7. Remember to talk about the employee’s job satisfaction

Performance appraisal meetings are not just about performance. They’re an excellent opportunity for exploring how your employee’s job satisfaction can be improved or maintained

(Read more at Improving Employee Job Satisfaction Using Just One (golden) Question)

8.  Review and close the meeting well

How we review and close the appraisal meeting has a real impact upon how motivational our employee will find the experience. It’s all about finishing on a positive note. You need to; review the main points, agree and action plan, explain the appraisal process, ask for feedback and thank the employee for their contribution

(Read more at Performance Appraisal – Reviewing and Closing the Meeting)

9. Be careful what you write on the form

What we write on the appraisal form really matters to our employees. Make sure your comments are factual and objective

(Read more at Performance Appraisal – What do I write on the form?)

Performance Appraisal Tips Summary

So, those are my nine quick tips for a motivational performance review meeting – what are yours?

Would you like to learn – in just 10 minutes – how to run motivational performance appraisal or review meetings?

Performance AppraisalThen why not take a look at my Kindle book ‘A step-by-step guide to running performance appraisal meetings that that motivate your staff to higher performance and higher job satisfaction’

This guide was easy to read, well structured and easy to follow… I particularly liked: the emphasis on motivation; the inclusion of job satisfaction ( not something I had come across as a specific appraisal topic before); the approach of drawing in the staff member to the whole process ( making them prepare and getting them to give their views first); the idea of sharing performance feedback and that the manager should be prepared to change their mind on whether objectives have been met in the light of information given by the member of staff.

You can check it out on Amazon (and try a sample) HERE

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