Monitoring Performance: A Quick Way to Involve your Employee in Monitoring

Monitoring performanceHow to involve your employee in monitoring performance

In my blog  Do Your Employees Really Understand Their Performance Objectives?  I talked about how to use the question; ‘How are you going to achieve the performance objective we’ve just agreed?’

When your employee has described how they are going to achieve the objective, a great follow up question is:

How will you know you are on track for meeting the objective?

Monitoring Performance – What’s the point?

Research tells us that clear objectives with effective measures can improve performance by over 30%. With this question you are aiming to help the employee work out how they are going to go about monitoring performance and then measuring their performance against the performance objectives you have agreed

It’s always a neat idea to involve our employees in monitoring performance because:

  • It means our employee can get the information they need which will enable them to measure their achievements and (if necessary) make adjustments and improvements
  • When our employee gets more involved in monitoring performance against their objectives they often feel more of a sense of ownership of those objectives
  • Your appraisal or review meetings will be much more of a ‘two way’ conversation because both you and your employee will have data and information to bring to the table (because both of you will have been gathering data by monitoring performance)

Of course you as the manager will also want to put monitoring methods and measures in place (and you would discuss these with your employee). Using the ‘how will you know you are on track…’ question is a simple way of getting as much involvement as you can from your employee in monitoring their own performance


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