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Training videosWhy Use Training Videos in Your Management Coaching? 

Using training videos in managment coaching? Why would you do that? OK, here’s a scenario. You’ve been asked by a manager to help them work out how to deal with a ‘difficult staff member’ – a staff member who’s been upsetting clients. You’re glad to help. In the initial meeting you identify that the manager needs to understand how to a) describe in clear, objective and non judgemental language what the staff member is doing that’s causing a problem b) explain the results and consequences of those behaviours –so that the staff member can see the need for change and c) structure a performance improvement discussion. In short, before you can begin your coaching, they need some training. Assuming there isn’t a handy training course available in the next couple of weeks, what should you do?   

You could train the manager yourself. Here are a few questions to help you decide if that is the best option;    

Is training is an effective use of your coaching time?

Is training is an effective use of your coaching skills (isn’t coaching more about helping the manager explore, plan, take action and reflect)?

Are training and coaching one and the same thing – so there’s no great benefit keeping them separate?

Does the manager want you to train them, or coach them?

Here’s another idea. Why not use a management training video to provide the practical training, while you focus on the coaching?  

Here’s how it could work using, as an example, the 10MMT training video ‘Motivating your staff to improve their performance with positive criticism

How to Use the 10MMT training videos in Your Management Coaching  

1.  Coaching session One – Agree the purpose of the coaching and the coaching plan

Purpose – ‘to learn and apply a structured approach to giving positive criticism in order to gain agreement from staff member A to improve their performance ’ 

Coaching plan – as follows

2. The Manager watches the 10MMT training video 

When they want and at their own pace    

 3. Coaching session Two – Planning to apply the learning 

The Manager talks through their A.R.C. plan (they have learnt how to make the plan in the training video) and shares the supporting documentation. The Coach tests and challenges any lack of clarity. The Manager talks through the planned structure of the performance improvement meeting and describes the strategies they plan to use for overcoming difficulties and gaining agreement. The Coach supports, challenges, advises etc

 4. The Manager applies the learning

By undertaking a performance improvement discussion

5.  Coaching session Three – Reviewing the outcomes and next steps   

The Coach guides the manager to reflect, draw conclusions and learning from the experience of undertaking the performance review discussion and the outcomes. Any further coaching needs identified and a plan agreed on how these will addressed

Using Training Videos in Management Coaching Summary

It’s all about you, as the Coach, focusing your time and attention on what you do best and what best meets the needs of manager, with the training taken care of my the 10 Minute Management Toolkit training videos. Why not take a look at the training videos, and find out how you can access free sessions from the training ivideos, HERE


Joan Henshaw is the author and presenter of the management training videos series ‘The 10 Minute Management Toolkit’ – the flexible, cost effective and time effective way to help managers learn how to motivate their staff to high performance.  

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