Training videos – Using videos in your in-house management courses

Training videosTraining Videos – Why use them in your in-house managment courses?

Short answer? Using a training video such as the 10 Minute Management Toolkit saves you time. As a learning or training professional I feel sure you could research, design and deliver any number of management training workshops – if you had time. And of course you could buy in a whole range of management training programmes – if you have the budget. The purpose of  the 10MMT is, simply, to save you time and save you costs in providing engaging, effective management training

So how can we use the 10MMT training videos in our in-house management courses?

Some options;

1. As a series of short, focused management training workshops

Each training video workshop comprises three sessions which take around 10 minutes to watch. With time for group review of exercises and discussion you could estimate 45 minutes. Just about right for a ‘breakfast briefing’ or ‘lunchtime learning’ session

Short, effective, engaging training with minimum preparation

2. To enhance your current training programmes

This is about using the training videos as an expertise resource. Here’s an example. You are delivering some training on project management (your area of expertise). Maybe there needs to be a short session on what to do when a project team member does not perform effectively. If this is not one of your areas of expertise you could use ‘How to motivate your staff to improve their performance with positive criticism’ to cover that session

In short, the videos could be used to compliment or augment your current training programmes with your ‘plug in and play’ subject matter expert

3. As a ‘co-trainer’ in your management training courses 

For a change of pace, a change of face, a different style and a different medium. You can use the training videos to support your learning objectives and to illustrate your key learning points – with a co-trainer you can use only when you need them   

A flexible, easy way to achieve higher learner engagement by appealing to different learning styles and preferences


 Training Videos – Could you use them in your management courses?

Why not take a look at the details of the 10 Minute Managment Toolkit video series, and find out how you can watch sample sessions from the training videos, HERE.



Joan Henshaw is the author and presenter of the management training videos series ‘The 10 Minute Management Toolkit’ – the flexible, cost effective and time effective way to help managers learn how to motivate their staff to high performance.


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