Management training courses: A blended learning solution

management training coursesManagement Training Courses: Have you thought of a blended learning solution?

I’ve recently been asked by a HR Manager to design a different style of management training courses. She specifically wanted her managers to be trained in how to give constructive criticism. She wanted to use a video from my 10 Minute Management Toolkit series ‘Motivating Your Staff to Improve Their Performance With Positive Criticism‘ and she wanted, what she called a blended learning solution and which included: 


1. A motivational element – engaging managers in the ‘why’ and the benefits of giving constructive criticism

2. Self managed learning using the 10MMT video workshop    

3. Support in applying learning into practice  


Here’s the solution we devised:


Management Courses – The blended learning approach      





A two hour, high energy, motivational workshop to engage managers in understanding; 


 Why dealing with under-performance is a critical issue for the organisation, team, staff member and for you as the manager  


The benefits of dealing quickly and effectively with under- performance, and the cost of not dealing with it


 Why managing under-performance is challenging and how those challenges can be met 


 Why under-performance happens  


How to develop a range of strategies for improving performance


 The 10 Minute Management Toolkit – how it works and how you it can be used 






Managers watch the  video ‘Motivating Your Staff to Improve Their Performance with Positive Criticism’ designed as easily digestible, bite sized sessions – around 10 minutes long – that managers can study

Where they want

When they want   

At the pace they want and

As many times as they want 

This means managers can use the videos, and the downloadable workbooks, to learn in a way that: 


Best fits their style and preferences and  


Best fits into their working day  







Each manager receives three x 30 minute telephone coaching sessions:  


Session One. Planning how to use the 10 Minute Management Toolkit techniques. Laser coaching on specific performance improvement issues 


Session Two. Reviewing application of the models. Outcomes from applying the techniques , drawing conclusions and learning 


Session Three. Further support  and coaching on any issue relating to improving staff performance for up to 6 months after completion of the workshop.    




Management training courses – blended learning summary

So often traditional management training courses concentrate on motivation and imparting knowledge and then ….. that’s it!  


In this blended learning solution the manager is also helped to apply the knowledge they gain, and to significantly develop their skills 


The outcome? Not only will the manager improve their own performance, they will improve the performance of their staff members. High impact, flexible training that really makes a difference 


Management Training Courses – Do you want something more effective for your managers?

If you want a new way of delivering your management training courses – completely tailored to your needs – then why not contact me at for an informal discussion?   



Joan Henshaw is the author and presenter of the video management training series ‘The 10 Minute Management Toolkit’ – the flexible, cost effective and time effective way to help managers learn how to motivate their staff to high performance. Want to know more about how the managers in your business can learn to motivate staff to high performance? Read about the videos and how to access your trial video session HERE  




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