Why use training videos for self managed learning?

Training videos

What’s the purpose of self managed learning?

Training videos are tailore made for self managed learning. But what’s the purpose of self managed learning? It’s all about meeting the immediate training and development needs of, for example, managers, supervisors and team leaders. Needs that might be expressed as;

I’ve just been promoted to team leader. The next management training course is in 6 months time. What can I do in the meantime? How can l learn the basics of how to manage people – quickly?

I’m based in an overseas office. I just can’t get to the UK for management training .How can I access some management development training here, at my office?

 I need some ideas on how to tell my staff member they need to improve their performance. How can I gain their agreement to improve?

It’s appraisal time again. I need a quick reminder of how to prepare and how to deal with any disagreements. My first appraisal meeting is next week. What can I do?

How do training videos meet these needs?

Let‘s take the example of the 10 Minute Management Toolkit training videos (so there’s a surprise!). The 10MMT is a series of three management training video workshops designed to enable you to provide flexible, cost effective, and time effective management training – on demand.  Each training video workshop provides proven, practical training on how to manage and motivate staff to high performance

Each of the training video workshops are broken down into easily digestible, bite sized sessions – around 10 minutes long – that managers can study

Where they want

When they want and

At the pace they want

This means managers can use the training videos, and the downloadable workbooks, to learn in a way that

Meets their immediate needs

Best fits their style and preferences and

Best fits into their working day

Newly appointed managers can begin their management training on day one. More experienced managers can access some refresher training or gain some new tools exactly when they need it. No more waiting for the next available training course and using ‘trial and error’ (often with the emphasis on error) in the meantime

For learning and training professionals it’s about having a flexible resource that saves you time and still get’s great results

 But will managers use training videos to learn?

Self managed learning is self driven. It’s about managers, supervisors and team leaders accessing the management training they need and, more importantly, want. If they know how to access the training they need and want, they will use it – again and again

Could you use training videos for self managed learning?

Why not take a look at the 10 Minute Management Toolkit training videos and find out how you can access, for FREE, sample sessions from the training videos HERE   

Joan Henshaw is the author and presenter of the management training videos series ‘The 10 Minute Management Toolkit’ – the flexible, cost effective and time effective way to help managers learn how to motivate their staff to high performance.

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