Training for management: For free!

Training for managementTraining for Management: Some free resources

Are you looking for management training resources? Do you want training for management that’s flexible, cost effective, time effective and really works? And do you want some of that for free? You can access some great sessions from my 10 Minute Management Toolkit management training sessions – right here right now!

Here’s what’s available:           

Training for management: Video One – How to use a three step process for getting really clear on what you want from your staff

 Great for:

·         Testing the level of clarity you have with your staff (because your staff can’t give you what they don’t know you want!) 

·         Identifying why you don’t always get what you want from your staff

·         Finding information than can help you describe what you want – without reinventing the wheel

Find out how to access the preview video including this rraining session from ‘Motivating Your Staff with Powerful Performance Objectives’  HERE


Training for management: Video Two – How to hold a motivational performance review (or appraisal) meeting


·         How to put together the meeting agenda

·         How to deal with any disagreements when reviewing performance – the easy way

·         5 top tips for reviewing performance – quick and easy ways to improve your review meetings 

·         Using ‘dual value’ for selecting development activities

Find out how to access the preview video including this training session from ‘Motivating Your Staff by Monitoring and Reviewing Performance’ HERE 


Training for management: Video Three – How to prepare to give positive criticism


·         Exploring the difference between personality traits and behaviours – and why this is important

·         Understanding the difference between facts and assumptions

·         How an iceberg can show us why giving criticism is such a challenge – and what to do to meet this challenge

·         How to describe the criticism in clear, objective, non-judgemental language so that it is easy to understand and easy to accept 

Find out how to access the preview video including this training session from ‘Motivating Your Staff to Improve Their Performance with Positive Criticism’ HERE

Trainng for Management – why not start today?

 So there you have it – three great management sessions for you to view TODAY! Why not start now training for management?

Joan Henshaw is the author and presenter of the video management training series ‘The 10 Minute Management Toolkit’ – the flexible, cost effective and time effective way to help managers learn how to motivate their staff to high performance. Want to know more about how the managers in your business can learn to motivate staff to high performance? Read about the videos and how to access your trial video session HERE


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