Manager Training: Great Questions to Ask At The End of Your Training

manager trainingWe always want to gain some sort of commitment from attendees at manager training sessions to applying their learning into the workplace (including managers who ‘attend’ my online video management workshops). Sometimes we have limited time to explore how they are going to do this. Here are a number of questions you can use to encourage the manager to think about;

  1. How they will apply the learning
  2. What the benefits of applying the learning will be and
  3. What the consequences of not applying the learning will be

Great Questions for Manager Training

  1. What, specifically, are you going to do differently as a result of this manager training? When will you do this? How will you know you have been successful?
  2. What management reputation would you like to have in 12 months time? How will this manager training help you to achieve that?
  3. What do you want your staff and boss to be saying about you in 6 months time?
  4. What further questions does this manager training raise for you? How are you going to find the answers?
  5. Where are you going to find the support you need to apply this training?And what I think is the very best question you can ask;
  6. If you leave this training and do nothing different, what will the consequences be?

Manager Training Questions Summary

It’s all about helping the attendee to see;

a) the benefits of applying the training into the workplace, and / or

b) the consequences of taking no action at all

Of course the manager training has to be engaging and effective in the first place! If you need training for your managers that is practical, proven, cost effective, and time effective then take a look at the 10 Minute Management Toolkit training where you will find everything you need to provide manager training in how to motivate staff to high performance.

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